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Modern, user-friendly and flexible - thus the website of Rhineland-Palatinate presents itself. Design and Realisation of this relaunch was done by dkd Internet Service GmbH in Frankfurt on basis of TYPO3.

Before, the website of the state government of Rhineland-Palatinate was shaped mostly by news, this needed to be revised and adjusted to the changed user habits (Keyword: optimisation for mobile devices). Furthermore the website should be themed more.

Based on the targets and wishes of the client the website was fundamentally revised in a longer conception phase. Great emphasis was placed on readability, accessibility and mobile usability. The integration of different thematic blocks underlines the informative character of the website and enables the visitor the start into the focal themes of the state government.

Realized was this responsive relaunch with TYPO3 CMS and Foundation framework as a basis for the html development. Apart of the user data more than 20.000 news and 10.000 newsletter recipients were migrated.

The numerous websites of the ministries and further regional authorities were gradually integrated into the TYPO3 central installation and present themselves in the same new design.

About the company

Rhineland-Palatinate - a state with more than 4 million inhabitants and its capital in Mainz. One of 16 German states, created from the French occupied zone after a referendum on the state constitution on May 18, 1947, two years before the found-ing of the Federal Republic of Germany. A state in the middle of Europe, with its neighbours Belgium, France, and Luxembourg.

dkd Internet Service GmbH


dkd Internet Service GmbH is an owner-managed digital agency located in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. We are specialised in planning, development and operation of complex websites. Having a multidisciplinary team of designers, communication experts and developers dkd fullfills all requirements to transform good websites into perfect ones. Starting with the first rough sketch, followed by the design and leading to the compelete development of highly complex websites with integrated e-commerce systems.

Since its foundation in 1998, dkd has accompanied over 600 clients in more than 1,250 successful projects, including such well-known companies as:
Alliance Healthcare, AKAD Bildungsgesellschaft mbH, Beltz Verlagsgruppe, Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund, Horsch, Metz, Museum für moderne Kunst Frankfurt (MMK), Sartorius AG, SEB Investment GmbH, Spielwarenmesse eG, TAZ, UNESCO, VGF - Stadtwerke Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt, WWF …

Currently dkd employs around 70 people in the fields of development, communications and design.

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