Project Facts

  • Revenue:

    200-499 million EUR

  • Number of pages:


  • Languages: 3

  • Country: Germany

Open Site


In order to the new website, to meet the high standards, the PCO has set itself, the project was commissioned by the agency Plugster not only with the latest technology. From the beginning the mobile first strategy refers to optimized the website for various devices - from smartphone to desktop.

The website has been implemented through multi-lingual, which is especially important for any global customer.

With a special focus on usability and optimal presentation of the cameras we were happy to implemented the design by Plugster. On the homepage of larger screens top products find space in a slider that can be placed so prominently. Individual products can also be multimedia presented with pictures and videos. Depending on the geographic location of the visitor the responsible contact is displayed.

In addition to the presentation of the products the support for customers with cameras from PCO was important. A clear support area with extensive filtering options and at all times contact receiving possibility was created individually. To avoid unnecessary queries the Support Division gets a request at the maximum possible information of a customer.

Various functions have been implemented using plugins in addition to the design. News and events are published and maintained for example by the proven news-extension. The mailform extension powermail assumes the contact and support forms.

The search function has been implemented on the basis of the Solr Search , which provides rapid results and an additional filter option for this. In addition, a camera selector widget was developed that allows prospective customers to filter by different criteria and easy to find suitable products.

About the company

The PCO AG, based in Kelheim, is one of the leading manufacturers of scientific cameras. 1987 PCO was founded in order to develop rapid and sensitive video cameras. They should meet the specific and exacting requirements of scientific applications. Meanwhile the product range of PCO AG digital cameras include systems with high dynamic, high resolution and low noise. Those are used internationally in scientific and industrial applications as well.

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