Hankook Tires

Project Facts

  • Revenue:

    500-999 million EUR

  • Number of pages:


  • Languages: 9

  • Country: South Korea

Open Site


For Hankook Tire, one of the world’s most important global operators in tire production, the previous, Korean-interfaced and unwieldy CMS was replaced with TYPO3. It is now possible for the first time to create, edit and upload content for a total of seven European sites entirely independent of company HQ.

For the re-design and technical conversion of Hankook’s European website, not only was the content migrated but also a new structure introduced to integrate the company’s newly developed Corporate Design into its Internet presence. The goal was to create a website to fittingly present the company’s products in an appropriate setting while offering a wealth of practical information and useful web-tools to explore the world of Hankook Tires.

Special features:
• Direct and detailed Side-by-Side comparison of two chosen tire models within a special “Tire Presenter Bucket Box”
• Tire availability check via the “Tire Finder”
• Comprehensive Media Center offering a variety of downloadable Marketing-Material, such as TV and company promotion ads
• A specially developed Google Maps API-interface locates and displays the nearest dealer.

Conceived as a multi-lingual company and product presentation, the currently English-language site conjures an exclusive and appropriate atmosphere with the use of leading edge web design, excising Flash Movies and a product finder. Six further localizations are united under the same TY PO3 roof and will be going live soon. The entire unwieldy former CMS, with its Korean interface, has been replaced by TY PO3. Hankook staff can now directly edit or upload content to the site without any particular HTML experience. And site visitors are quickly immersed in the Hanklook atmosphere, thanks to quality animated Flash-Films touting the advantages of their tires on the splash. A user-friendly guide brings the visitor to any information they need, including finding the right tire for their car in the “Tire Presenter”. This entirely AJAX-based, custom-developed extension from AOE media contains all necessary functions for the search, display and comparison of some 1400 different Hankook tires from five categories.

The new TYPO3 website is far easier to work with, as well as saving time and costs, thus offering a far higher ROI than the company’s previous CMS. Thanks to the wealth of tire-oriented information, as well as the specially conceived “Tire Presenter”, visitors are able to access a complete profile of services from the site. Intelligent guidance and practical tools help stimulate potential customers to purchase.

About the company

Hankook Tire is one of the world's largest and fastest growing tire manufacturer for radial tires for passenger cars, light trucks (SUVs, RVs, and etc.), trucks, and buses.
Through sales in 185 countries around the world, Hankook Tire is ranked 7th in global sales revenue.
The Company has more than 14,000 employees in 4 Regional HQs, over 20 overseas subsidiaries and 5 R&D Centers around the world and makes 70% of revenue through overseas markets.



AOE is a market leader in the provision of TYPO3 services to its many corporate and institutional clients worldwide. Our enthusiastic band of highly qualified developers/programmers has developed many hundreds of TYPO3-based Enterprise Content Management solutions worldwide.
As a TYPO3 service provider, AOE was among the first to apply TYPO3 services to big-scale projects for major commercial customers, implementing complex e-commerce and Open Source Business applications in TYPO3. In addition, our R&D program has contributed to the advancing development and widening acceptance of this Open Source CMS standard. TYPO3 and Open Source: a motivating combination for the future.

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