congstar (Deutsche Telekom)

Project Facts

  • Revenue:

    200-499 million EUR

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  • Languages: 1

  • Country: Germany

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“You want it. You get it.” That’s the slogan congstar uses to attract customers. Now this young telecom provider is getting what it wants from AOE media, in the form of TYPO3. Deutsche Telekom AG subsidiary congstar had placed an ambitious order - moving the entire web architecture to TYPO3. For a company to completely switch over its business-critical IT is unusual, and courageous. congstar markets all of its products primarily online, so that the relaunch affected the complete company structure. AOE media handled the web development, consisting of content management system, e-commerce, product configuration and order processes, campaign management system, customer service, sales partner portal and white label sales.

The TYPO3 platform is embedded in an overall architecture that also includes a central order management and workflow system, as well as a billing system.
AOE media was helped by capable partners. Workflow expert Compax in Austria handled the workflow component, while mr. nexnet took care of billing handling.
Redundancy-free data updates are provided throughout, as are configuration options specially tailored to congstar’s agile business.

congstar campaigns like “andywantstoswitch” and their landing pages can be created directly in TYPO3 by sales and marketing staff themselves. This saves congstar valuable time. It used to take around six months to take a product to market, but now the time to market can be reduced to just a few days. A new campaign can be configured and posted online in just five minutes. This is of major importance for a company like congstar, whose business-critical processes run exclusively online.

Equally important for online sales is content personalization. TYPO3 lets editors create content for specific target groups. For example, prices or product offers can change depending on the referrer link the user comes to the page from. The system can even be tailored to individual user behaviour differences, like those for returning customer or prospects.

Customer service is also key. congstar contract structures are flexible, and customers can put different tariffs together and change them. This naturally takes place online, reducing costs for congstar. TYPO3 makes Customer Self Care updates and maintenance quick and efficient.

The complete solution, “e-Commerce Framework for Telcos” or EFT for short, was developed by AOE media especially for use by telecommunications providers, and has been successfully implemented at congstar. Today, the company can easily manage five million visitors a day and 500 inquiries per second with the new TYPO3 platform.

About the company

Trendy, courageous, innovative – that’s congstar.

Launched as a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG in July 2007, congstar offers highly competitive broadband Internet access, VOIP-telephony services and cell-phone coverage throughout the Federal Republic of Germany.



AOE is a market leader in the provision of TYPO3 services to its many corporate and institutional clients worldwide. Our enthusiastic band of highly qualified developers/programmers has developed many hundreds of TYPO3-based Enterprise Content Management solutions worldwide.
As a TYPO3 service provider, AOE was among the first to apply TYPO3 services to big-scale projects for major commercial customers, implementing complex e-commerce and Open Source Business applications in TYPO3. In addition, our R&D program has contributed to the advancing development and widening acceptance of this Open Source CMS standard. TYPO3 and Open Source: a motivating combination for the future.

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