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TYPO3 Marketing Team

The TYPO3 Marketing Team was established to create a global marketing approach for TYPO3 as well as support for regional activities. The TYPO3 Marketing Team helps to provide promotional and marketing material for the complete TYPO3 product family. After bringing the new to live, there are still many tasks open which needs to be solved on a regulary base.

How you can help

The TYPO3 Marketing Team is searching for motivated TYPO3 community members, who are interested in giving something back to our favorite Content Management System and have already gained experiences in marketing or promotion.

You can support the team either on a regular basis, as a team member, or to help out occasionally as a contributor or "helping hand".

Still unsure if you are able to help?

Take a look a the list of possible tasks underneath.

  • Go to events and represent TYPO3
  • Write blog posts for
  • Manage the TYPO3 Professional Service Listings
  • Manage the TYPO3 Case Studies
  • Unify the communication of all the properties (buzz, association, conferences etc.)
  • National committee support
  • Globalization of the TYPO3 ecosystem
  • Find a new mission statement based on the new branding strategy
  • Coordinate work
  • Organize and participate at relevant exhibitions and conferences
  • Prepare whitepapers for decision makers
  • Improve the websites for TYPO3

Also, please feel free to take a look at the public tasks and issues of the team's project page at:

If you want to join one of our Sprints then visit this site:

How you can get involved

If you are interested in getting involved please contact the TYPO3 Marketing Team either by sending an email to fabian.stein(at) or use the contact form on