Event Committee

The goal of the event committee is to find new ways to make the TYPO3 events better. It should be a central point for event organizers to find information on how to do a good event. It also tries to find new concepts for existing events if necessary.

typo3.org features a lively event section listing official events, community events and code-sprints.

Official Events

Each year the event committee is responsible for organising three official events, the developer days, the conference and the snowboard tour. You can participate in the organisation of these events or organise your own event. The structure of the event committee and ways to contact the committee are listed below.

Event committee members

The following persons are working actively in the event committee and invest their time and resources bringing TYPO3 ahead by organising events.

Volker Graubaum Committee & Budget Leader
TYPO3 Developer Days
Andrea Herzog-Kienast T3DD Team
Robert Lindh T3DD Team  (Responsible for Malmö Event 2017)
TYPO3 Snowboard Tour
Clemens Riccabona Responsible for the T3BOARD 2017
Peter Niederlag T3BOARD Team member
Andrea Herzog-Kienast T3BOARD Team member
TYPO3 Conference Europe & TYPO3 Award
Volker Graubaum Lead
Juliane Steinmetz & Merle Dehn Event management
Marco Klawonn TYPO3 Award
Event Taskforce
New Taskforce to enhance our Conference Concept Ask Ric van Westhreenen for details

If you're interested in working in the event committee on a longterm basis, please contact the committee leader and tell him your ideas about how you can support us. You should to be a member of the TYPO3 Association in order to join the committee.

Emeritus members

This great people have contributed to our events in the past. Thank you!

Emeritus Members
Adrian ZimmermannTYPO3 Snowboard Tour Legend
Marion EherTYPO3 Snowboard Tour Angel
Thomas HempelT3DD Legend
Anni HempelT3DD Legend
Marc FellT3DD Legend
Thomas MaroschikT3DD Magician Event in Nürnberg 2015 & 2016
Jürgen EgelingTYPO3 Conference Grandmaster
Kasper SkarhojTYPO3 Conference Keynote Jedi
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