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The TYPO3 Documentation Team

The documentation team aims to provide exhaustive, quality documentation about TYPO3 products for all users, with the help of the community. In order to achieve this, it pursues the following goals:

  • write and maintain official documentation for TYPO3 CMS.
  • care for the central documentation web site (
  • support the TYPO3 CMS Core Team and any other team in their documentation efforts.
  • encourage the creation of online tools for easy reference to the main languages and APIs of TYPO3, ensure quality and maintenance.
  • encourage the creation of any other tool which favors documentation and understanding of TYPO3.
  • encourage the translation of the documentation.

The Mission

Create and maintain high-quality documentation for TYPO3 products.

The Vision

Constantly improving the documentation of all TYPO3 products.

We need your helping hands!

We are always looking for talented writers, who are motivated to improve TYPO3 with their skills and offer volunteer support. Feel free to contact us and tell us, what you can do! Join us and have your say. :-)