Benni Mack Benni Mack


Oliver Hader Oliver Hader

Susanne Moog Susanne Moog


Christian Kuhn Christian Kuhn

Jigal van Hemert Jigal van Hemert

Georg Ringer Georg Ringer

Andreas Wolf Andreas Wolf

Helmut Hummel Helmut Hummel

Alexander Opitz Alexander Opitz

Nicole Cordes Nicole Cordes

Wouter Wolters Wouter Wolters

Markus Klein Markus Klein

Stefan Neufeind Stefan Neufeind

Frans Saris Frans Saris

Frank Naegler Frank Naegler

Tymoteusz Motylewski

Benjamin Kott Benjamin Kott

Andreas Fernandez Andreas Fernandez

Jan Helke Jan Helke

Riccardo De Contardi Riccardo De Contardi

Roles & Groups

There are several positions in the TYPO3 CMS project that exist already for a longer time. However, it’s currently not fully transparent whom to ask on particular topics and who takes care of a specific field of responsibility.



  • every person who ever contributed to the codebase of the TYPO3 CMS in terms of submitting patches to the former core list or nowadays Gerrit, as well as reviewers and testers

TYPO3 Core Team Member

  • “knows the product”
  • provides recent, recurring, high quality contributions
  • provides high quality reviews the community can rely on
  • is invited and assigned by the TYPO3 Core Team Leader to become a Team Member
  • can handle the core infrastructure like Git, Gerrit, Travis and Jenkins
  • has +2/+2 rights (merge rights) to the CMS Core Git Repository
  • takes care of needed backports for self-merged patches
  • shows responsibility for his own merges - i.e. regressions introduced by some merge
  • commits her/himself to the project for a larger amount of time (i.e. 3-6 months)
  • can be “trusted” in one or more special areas: we rely on his/her knowledge in areas to focus on the Mission Statement in order to keep up the high quality, backwards-compatibility and stability. For areas where one is not as experienced, asking the Core Team Leader is recommended (based on trust)
  • a Core Team Member will degrade back to the contributor status if not having shown any substantial activity (gerrit activity / made a patch / made a review / issue commenting for the TYPO3 CMS Core) in the last 6 months.
  • the Core Team Leader might announce new team mambers and degraded members on a regular team, at least quarterly
  • all Core Team Member will be visible on the forge CMS Team Page.
  • is in touch with the Core Team Leader on a unregular basis to keep in touch with the current development 

TYPO3 Product Team

  • has the same privileges as a Core Team member
  • knows the code and the product for a long time
  • is part of a team that has roughly about 10 members in total to be flexible and efficient
  • “plans the product” - has a vision for the future of the product
  • is an expert in certain areas where he/she can take decisions on his own (based on trust)
  • gets invited by the TYPO3 Core Team Leader
  • has a defined job (field of responsibility)
  • needs to regularly join the Team meetings
  • supports other Team Members in case of questions
  • in case of inactivity, members will lose their status of being an Product Team - based on an individual decision by the TYPO3 Core Team Leader

Core Team Leader

  • is elected by the TYPO3 Core Team for a period of one year
  • is unique (only one)
  • has an overview of releases, budget and to the outside
  • ensures continuity of future releases and versions
  • invites new Team Members
  • revokes and modifies status of Team Members
  • supports Team Members in case of questions
  • ensures the evaluation process of suggestion, discussion, agreement and decision
  • is the highest authority for the TYPO3 Core in case of dissension to make a final decision
  • organizes frequently recurring public online meetings and prepares meeting agenda
  • organizes code-sprints and team meetings in real life, e.g. the Core Team Meeting right before the TYPO3 Developer Days
  • interacts with instances and committees of the TYPO3 Association, f.e. EAB or BCC together with the Product Owner

Product Owner

  • is informally chosen by the Core Team Leader and members of the TYPO3 Association board
  • is close to the development process of the TYPO3 Core
  • needs to report to the Core Team Leader on a regular basis
  • represents the TYPO3 Core development to the community and to the outside