Contact Information

Do like to contact the cmd-garden team? The easiest way is, if you use Slack. You just need a free TYPO3 Slack account.




Bernhard Welzel


Stefan Busemann Stefan Busemann

Ben van 't Ende Ben van 't Ende


Andrea Herzog-Kienast Andrea Herzog-Kienast

Andrea Hezrog-Kienast

Nicolai Schirawski

Sebastian Böttger Sebastian Böttger

Guido Haase Guido Haase

Philipp Gampe Philipp Gampe

Karen Falkenberg Karen Falkenberg

Stefan Neufeind Stefan Neufeind

CMS Garden Team

The idea of the CMS Garden is,


  • to show capabilities of open source CMS
  • to present respectable alternatives to closed-source software
  • to support decision-makers
  • to inspire new blood
  • learn from each other

TYPO3 is engaging as one of many open source cms. The TYPO3 Association is member of the CMS Garten e.V.

Learn more about the CMS Garden.



How you can help

The CMS Garden Team is searching for motivated TYPO3 community members, who are interested to help us with different tasks:

  • helping to organize cms garden events
  • representing TYPO3 at cms garden events
  • help in communication

Tasks ahead

Please visit our forge project for contribution to special tasks.

Our main roadmap for the next month are:

  • Preparing all events
  • build up a interests group TYPO3 cms garden