This list of companies providing Professional Services for TYPO3 includes web agencies, freelancers and web hosters that have a proven track record of some professional installations and solutions.

Weber eBusiness Services GmbH

Bahnhofstr. 16
72336 Balingen

The Weber eBusiness Services GmbH located in Balingen, Baden-Württemberg Germany is an owner-managed internet agency with more than 15 years of experience in the area of web development, eCommerce and hosting. Driven by passion, perfection and technical challenges Weber eBusiness Services' goal is to provide high quality solutions for its customers while covering all steps of development from the first concept to the final web site and beyond.

With a TYPO3 Gold Membership and more than 150 TYPO3 projects since 2002 Weber eBusiness Services is both a very committed and successful TYPO3 company offering comprehensive consulting, professional support, individual extension development and optimized hosting especially for TYPO3. Therefor Weber eBusiness Services runs its own data center - named WEBERcloud - in Balingen.