This list of companies providing Professional Services for TYPO3 includes web agencies, freelancers and web hosters that have a proven track record of some professional installations and solutions.

tollwerk GmbH

Klingenhofstrasse 5
90411 Nürnberg

Well, we could just tell you something about Tollwerk being a small but yet powerful, owner managed full service advertising and internet agency located in the heart of the European Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg. We could tell you that we started out in 2000, fell in love with TYPO3 in 2003 and were dedicated to designing, developing and supporting highly custom-tailored TYPO3 websites of any scale and complexity ever since. We could tell you about the countless context specific TYPO3 extensions developed, the numerous external systems hooked up with TYPO3, or all those happy clients finding their incredibly complex range of products being well-arranged and easy to navigate for the first time. We could babble about HTML5, the mobile web, SEO and the vastness of the universe. We could. But in fact, this is not what we want to let you know (not only at least). What is way more important to us: We put passion to the web – intuitively, always, and for you.