This list of companies providing Professional Services for TYPO3 includes web agencies, freelancers and web hosters that have a proven track record of some professional installations and solutions.

internezzo ag

Grundstrasse 4b
6343 Rotkreuz

internezzo ag is one of Switzerland's leading TYPO3 agencies. The company was founded in 1999, has 18 employees and is based in Rotkreuz in Canton Zug. The agency develops concepts and creates TYPO3 websites for large and smaller companies from all sectors. internezzo develops web applications and TYPO3 extensions and integrates further online communication instruments to achieve comprehensive solutions. With its diligent commitment to the TYPO3 community, internezzo ag makes an active contribution to the further development of TYPO3. The sustainable agency works in a climate-neutral manner and invests one percent of its turnover in humanitarian projects.

Project List

  • Pistor

    Industry: Services | Category: Internet

    Für den Handel- und Logistikbetrieb realisierte internezzo einerseits ein Redesign der TYPO3-Webseite.
    Die zweisprachige Webseite wurde als erste...

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  • Inselspital

    Industry: Healthcare and Pharma | Category: Application

    In Zusammenarbeit mit weiteren externen Partnern entwickelte internezzo für das grösste Schweizer Spital eine spezielle – in der Schweiz einmalige –...

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