This list of companies providing Professional Services for TYPO3 includes web agencies, freelancers and web hosters that have a proven track record of some professional installations and solutions.

Intera GmbH

Rodenbacher Chaussee 6
63457 Hanau

Intera is a specialized IT service provider located in the Rhein-Main area. Just outside the financial metropolis Frankfurt am Main we operate profitably and successfully at the market since 1999.

Our core competences are the development of web-based applications, data management and business intelligence, collaboration and groupware, and mobile solutions. Furthermore, we implement full-service IT solutions with our interdisciplinary partner network.

We have successfully implemented numerous projects with and for our clients - including large-scale international projects.

In TYPO3 we appreciate the tremendous flexibility and openness. Therefore TYPO3 does not only fit perfectly to our portfolio, but also to us as a company. 10 years of project experience with TYPO3, the development of a variety of customized extensions, hosting, customer support and training programs make us true TYPO3 experts.