New partner program since April 2017

In March 2017 the TYPO3 GmbH launched the new Partner Program, which is the successor to the Professional Services Listing. Thus, new reviews are no longer available.

Existing PSL entries will remain visible until their expiration date. The TYPO3 GmbH will approach all agencies to explain how they can transition to the Partner Program.

ARCHIVE: Listing Requirements (up to March 2017)

We are checking each listing application against our listing requirements to make sure that only qualified service providers are listed in our Professional Services Listing. These requirements consist of two parts:

  • Must-have requirements: You need to fulfill all of these.
  • Should-have requirements: You need to fulfill at least three of these but meeting all of them will make you listed higher.

Must-have Requirements

Should-have Requirements

  • Proof of development knowledge by a TER published extension that meets all of these requirements:
    • extension is of value for other TYPO3 users
    • extension includes a fe-plugin and/or a be-module
    • extension code uses the TYPO3 API consequently
    • the TYPO3 coding guidelines have been followed
    • well documented
  • Financial contribution to the TYPO3 community in one or more of the following:
    • pay a core developer (one day a week)
    • sponsor the TYPO3 development (codesprints or the like)
    • event sponsoring
    • Donations of more than 1.000 EUR/year
    • Note: Being an association member is not enough
  • Active contribution to the TYPO3 community in one or more of the following:
    • active contribution to one of the teams or committees
    • organizing TYPO3 related events (user group meetings, TYPO3camps, ...)
    • writing documentation, books, howto's or professional articles
    • doing screencasts
  • A minimum of eight references visible online.

Case studies

Depending on your membership level, you receive the possibility to publish case studies: