Finding Help

Starting out using TYPO3 does require some time and effort. To take advantage of its full power, you will want to learn how to setup and configure the many options available. Fear not, though, the system is very well-documented; even though it could take time to read through some 1600 (and counting) pages of references and tutorials.

There are many ways of finding help for your current questions around TYPO3. You might want to look for a specialist near your or if you are more into do-it-yourself our vast documentation will present you the right answer.


If you are an end-user interested in using TYPO3, please consider finding an agency or consultancy near you using our agency finder. This is an open list, but we do include consultancies based on proven project experience. You will get an overview of the company and their services, a list of projects that you can look through to determine their capabilities, and links to their professional sites.

The consultancy list is also a good resource for developers. On this list, you can find hosting companies that provide specialized TYPO3 packages if you would like an alternative to setting it up on your own.

Use agency finder

Videos, Documentation and Mailing Lists

Our documentation section has resources for developers including training videos, documentation and community mailing lists.