typo3.org - TYPO3s no. 1 resource

typo3.org is the primary place on the web when it comes to TYPO3. Whether you are a TYPO3 newbie, decision-maker or long-term developer. It's a big website and it can only stay up-to-date and alive with the help of a team of enthusiastic, committed and most of all reliable volunteers. This is why we came up with a new concept for maintaining typo3.org.

The Maintenance Concept

The maintenance concept has been set up in order to guarantee 100% uptime for typo3.org. The website needs to be bug-free (security issues and functional bugs) and should run on the latest current stable version of TYPO3 CMS.

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The Relaunch Project

The new typo3.org has been a long time in the making. Almost a hundred hands have helped make it possible. If you want to find out more about how we achieved this as a community you can read more about it here...

The Relaunch Project

Supporting companies

typo3.org is maintained in close cooperation between individual members of the TYPO3 community and supporting companies. The below listed companies have committed to maintaining a portion of typo3.org: