• TYPO3 Education Committee—TCCE Certification Team Update

    Categories: Community, Education & Certification
    Created by Lennart Hoffmann
    At the Education Team Sprint in Düsseldorf in April 2022, we welcomed a fresh group of contributors. The TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor (TCCE) team jumped into v10 Q&A, changes with TYPO3 Version 11, and general thoughts on how to improve TCCE for future editors.
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  • Man in black t-shirt and jeans behind a lectern

    Growing Talent in the Job Market Desert

    Categories: Community, Education & Certification
    Created by Florian Weiss
    A spotlight on bridging education and business at open source events.
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  • Sheet of paper with the word "empower" in golden writing next to a calculator.

    Information From the Budget Q&A

    Categories: Community, Association
    Created by Ingo Schmitt and Mathias Bolt Lesniak
    The TYPO3 Association Board and Business Control Committee invited the community to a meeting on 2 June 2022. It was an open forum to inform, answer questions, and talk about this year’s budget process in general.
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  • TYPO3 Demo and QA Best Practices Join Forces

    Categories: Development, Community, TYPO3 CMS
    Created by Daniel Siepmann, David Steeb, and Desi Lochner
    The TYPO3 Demo is a publicly available site that demonstrates TYPO3 features. The QA Best Practices initiative working on providing quality assurance best practices to the TYPO3 community. These two teams have joined their efforts to maintain the demo installation to implement best practices.
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  • Woman in blue hoodie next to a table with a bowl of cookies.

    This Is Lina Wolf, the New Documentation Team Co-Lead

    Categories: Community, Documentation
    Created by Mathias Bolt Lesniak
    Lina Wolf has recently stepped up as the team’s new Co-Lead. She joined the Documentation Team after the Developer Days in 2019, but her first meeting with TYPO3 started much earlier.
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  • typo3.org Website Team Report 2022 Q1

    Categories: Community
    Created by Thomas Löffler
    The typo3.org team develops and maintains all the websites in the typo3.org universe. Working closely with other TYPO3 teams, we aim to satisfy every visitor's need for information, in a fast and usable way.
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  • Documenting TYPO3 Version 12

    Categories: Community, TYPO3 CMS, Documentation
    Created by Lina Wolf
    When integrators and editors start using any version of TYPO3, they need to be able to access documentation relevant to the version they are using. We believe that accurate, up-to-date documentation should be available at the start of the lifetime of an LTS version. That’s why we’re taking steps now to get ready for TYPO3 version 12 LTS.
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  • Standardization of TYPO3 Documentation—May 2022

    Categories: Development, Community
    Created by Alexander Nitsche
    To help foster distribution and contribution for your TYPO3 extension, Composer package, or standalone manual, apply the revised TYPO3 documentation standards to your project. Also, create a user navigation that conveniently navigates between your project’s documentation, code repository, Packagist and TER pages by following our new guide.
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  • Laptop screen shows TCCI study guide as an eBook at Leanpub

    Why TYPO3 Certifications Matter

    Categories: Community, TYPO3 CMS, Education & Certification
    Created by Michael Schams
    TYPO3 certifications can help you validate your skills and advance your career. They will likely increase your chances of higher pay, better job prospects, and new career opportunities. Here’s an insight into why TYPO3 experts should pursue and earn at least one of these credentials.
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  • Announcement of Core Mergers 2022

    Categories: Development, Community, TYPO3 CMS
    Created by Benni Mack
    TYPO3 Core development depends on the TYPO3 community continuously working on making the product better. Each year, a team for shaping the future of TYPO3 Core development is put together by an application and selection process.
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