Candidates for TYPO3 Association Election 2019

Candidates for the Board

Stefan Busemann

About me

TYPO3 is an important part of my live. I was drawn into the community in 2005 and was inspired by its people and philopsophy. Further I am one of the founders of in2code and my most successful projects are my three kids. 

My motivation

Since 2012 I am member of the Board of the TYPO3 Association. We started many projects for the Association, f.e. funding the company or implement new structure and processes for the TYPO3 Assocation. I feel, that my mission is not accomplished yet. So I would like to continue my work.

Olivier Dobberkau

About me

My name is Olivier Dobberkau. I am one of the CEO of dkd Internet Service GmbH and currently Chairman of the TYPO3 Association Board.

My motivation

TYPO3 has been a major part of my life. I really enjoy working for the continuation of its success.

Ric van Westhreenen

About me

Since TYPO3 3.5 I’m a passionate evangelist of TYPO3 and devote much of my free time for the project on mostly less technical parts. Having owned a successfully internet agency in the Netherlands, I’m now self-employed and working for mainly large organizations (500+ employees) on complex projects related to either web or IT. 

My motivation

I have been active within the TYPO3 community since 2009 and vice-president within the Board since 2013. Since then I have been part of the many changes like improving the trademark rules and governance, helping people with difficult questions about the usage of our trademark, and since 2018 working on improving the way of work for official TYPO3 events. Next to that with our team from the boards I worked on numerous other tasks. As team we are not finished yet with the plans and ideas we have. 

Also I have not finished the plans I have for either the trademark or events organization. I think that we can do more in a more efficient way. By having a strong trademark our brand will improve. By making it easier to organize events, our reach will grow and as such the market for TYPO3 will grow. Those are in essence the plans I stand for in the next few years for which I like to continue my work in the Board.    

Boris Hinzer

About me

My name is Boris and I live with my wife and two teenage boys in a small town called Erkelenz near Mönchengladbach, Germany.

In my job I'm the manager of web-vision, a web agency which creates websites and web applications with TYPO3 and online shops with Magento. Additionally we offer surrounding services like server hosting, domains and so on. At our agency we are very dedicated to TYPO3.

During the past years I've been constantly working in various ways for the TYPO3 project, like:

  • TYPO3 Agency Meeetup Day
  • Developing the TYPO3 Merchandising Shop with our web agency
  • Inventing and organising the TYPO3 #CertiFUNcation Day
  • Working in the Editorial Team, Marketing Team and finally now in the Education Committee

My motivation

During the last two years I've already been a member of the EAB, which its main purpose was to organize and execute the budget process of the TYPO3 Association. 

Since the TYPO3 GmbH aka T3 Inc was founded, I see a shift towards new, upcoming tasks for the TYPO3 Association and a new TYPO3 Association board.

During the next months, besides the regular board work, I see these upcoming tasks for myself which I want to continue:

  • Finishing the development of the TYPO3 Marketplace 
  •  <spoiler> Organizing TYPO3 #CertiFUNcation Day 2019 </spoiler>
  • Continued work in the Education Commitee 

If you have further questions about me or my work for TYPO3, don’t hesitate to get in touch:, Slack, Skype or even just give me a call.

Mathias Bolt Lesniak

About me
I live outside of Oslo, Norway, with my Kiwi wife and two kids. I have a passion for TYPO3 (since 2003), web writing, and communication. I am a certified TYPO3 integrator, consultant, and editor. I have experience with NGOs and social initiatives, both locally and internationally, and I love cross country skiing.

My day job is at Pixelant, where I work with sales, project management, and much more—always the TYPO3 evangelist.

My motivation

To continue TYPO3's growth, we must build both a strong Company and a strong Association. Both have important roles, and they have to find the best way to support each other. At the same time, the difference between the two is also a part of their strength.

For the last couple of years, I have been active in the TYPO3 Association Board, with communication as a special focus. This has strengthened my appreciation of the role every single individual plays in the TYPO3 community. Even the smallest contribution is important.

As TYPO3 adoption grows outside of Central Europe, the members at the edges of the map become more important. They are the pillars supporting the growth, and I would like to strengthen our connection to them. If the CMS is the reason they get involved, the community should be their way to continue—and involve others.

Questions? Feel free to email me at

Sanjay Chauhan

About me

Highly Experienced TYPO3 TechLead and CTO of NITSAN Technologies Pvt Ltd - The award-winning TYPO3 Agency!

I have pro-hands-on industry experience in managing and leading software projects & companies along with Strong business development skills.

**Quick Highlights**

  • Member of the TYPO3 Association Content Team
  • Member of Team
  • Managing the iTUG (India TYPO3 User Group)
  • Managing "First Sprint" in India
  • Develop in Hindi
  • Develop and Maintain TYPO3 extension for TER
  • Writing TYPO3 Blog
  • 10+ years experience in TYPO3 Projects
  • Active contributor in TYPO3 Community
  • Speaker at T3CON18 T3DD18

Apart from TYPO3, Love my wife Urmi, Travelling and Reading!

My motivation

With a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry since the past ten years, TYPO3 has always been a constant for my personal and professional success. What I am today, I owe it to the tremendous TYPO3 community. Thank you very much!

**TYPO3 Vision**
Asia and India have one the biggest market in the world; there are excellent opportunities to get CMS market-share for TYPO3.

  • Spread TYPO3 in India (and later on Asia)
  • Grow iTUG (India TYPO3 User Group)
  • Organise TYPO3 Events (national and international) In India
  • Promote TYPO3 to other Open Source Events/Conference

I believe that the adapters of TYPO3 would stand as the supporting system of growth, and I would like to be a part of it. I wouldn't hesitate to do anything less that is for betterment and growth of the TYPO3 community.

Alain Veuve

About me

I am Alain Veuve and I am currently treasurer of the TYPO3 Association and CFO and co-founder of the TYPO3 GmbH.

My motivation

I owe a large part of my personal and business growth to TYPO3. After several years on the board of the Association, I have the feeling that my work is not done yet and that I should accompany the changes we have initiated in the TYPO3 Association together with my colleagues.

Ekkehard Gümbel

About me

Hi there! My name is Ekke and I am a long-time devotee to TYPO3.
At our agency, Bitmotion, we've been "all in" on TYPO3 for over 15 years, which includes various roles for myself e.g. as TYPO3 Security Team lead.

My motivation

I think that today, TYPO3 is once again at a tipping point: With a unique community and better-than-ever CMS, but also with fierce competition from multiple angles.
So keeping Open Source strong and the product competitive is a general priority, and the recent more professional approach to marketing TYPO3 is a long-missed companion to that. However, growing TYPO3 (both market share and community) globally is one aspect that I would like to support especially.

Alshafaraz Gazi

About me

I am a proficient and professional individual who is able to perform to the highest standards as required of me. As an enthusiast of IT and Engineering sector am a graduate in Bachelor of Science double majors in Computer Science and Electrical Electronics Engineering from the University of the South Pacific. Enrolled in Postgraduate Diploma in Cybersecurity atThe University of the South Pacific.

My mission in life is to make a difference where ever I am.

My motivation

I have been using TYPO3 for nearly 3 years and I see that there's more potential to it. TYPO3 has a small community and that's the beauty of it. Simply it's manageable. Hence, I would like to be a part of the TYPO3 family.

Rino Razzi

About me

I'm the President of Archimede Informatica, an Italian web agency founded in 1996. My company is using TYPO3 since 2003. It is the first Italian agency that became "Official TYPO3 Partner".
Since 1994, I've been dealing with web design and web consultancy. In 2003 I started designing and creating websites using TYPO3.

In 2010, I got the official certification as TYPO3 Integrator and in 2017 I also obtained the TYPO3 Editor Certification

In 2016, I was elected as a member of the Expert Advisory Board of the TYPO3 Association where I was elected again in 2018.

In recent years, I have devoted a large part of my work to the design of websites for the Public Administration in compliance with technical and legislative requirements required for these websites, especially as regards accessibility, transparency and privacy.

I'm involved in other open source projects than TYPO3 like, for instance, the Open Journal Systems (OJS), a journal management and publishing system created and driven by the Publick Knowladge Progect (PKP)

My motivation

Since 2010 I have been working for organizing the TYPO3 events in Italy with the aim of spreading TYPO3 in Italy and for onboarding new contributors for the TYPO3 community: "T3Camp Italia", "TYPO3 Days" at Internet Festival of Pisa, "TYPO3 Italian Conference", "T3 Contribution Days". Nonetheless I'd like to continue and increase my effort in and for the TYPO3 community.

I think that having people from different countries in the official positions of the TYPO3 Association can help spreading TYPO3 in other countries. Having had the privilege of working as a member of the TYPO3 association during the last 3 years gave me the opportunity for learning more and more about the TYPO3 ecosystem. The expertice that I have gathered in these years will give me the opportunity of contributing way better for the growth of the fantastic TYPO3 community and his product.

That's why I decided to re run for a position in the Board of the TYPO3 Association in the next 2 years.

Petra Hasenau

About me

 Coming from a background as an educated industrial manager and logistics specialist of the late 80s and having worked for major national and international enterprises and business consultancies, I entered the TYPO3 universe in 2009, when I founded the Cybercraft GmbH together with my husband Jo.

I want to apply for a position in Board, because I want to be a visible and approachable connector for people in- and outside of the TYPO3 community. This includes exchange of experiences with other open source communities by actively attending their events and meetings.

My motivation

I want to be receptive to ideas and suggestions and motivate people to make themselves heard. I want to demonstrate that even as a female non coder you can move a lot within an open source community. Thus increasing the number of members and the diversity of our community.

In my spare time I like to walk with my dog in the forests around my hometown and you can find me reading a book or on the snowboard especially at many T3BOARDs as of 2009.

James Mutabazi

About me

I am student in university of Rwanda,college of Business and Economics.

My motivation

I wish to be part of this because I am motivated and being update with laws governing Rwanda procurement.

Peter Kraume

About me

I’m web-developer at bgm websolutions, an agency near Munich dedicated to TYPO3 since 2003. Together with others, I organized the TYPO3camp Munich for more than a decade. Besides I'm co-organizer of the TYPO3 Meetup aka User Group in Munich. Since 2015 I’m a member of the Board of the TYPO3 Association and a member of the Communication Group of the TYPO3 Association, responsible for the „This Month in TYPO3“ articles series. In my private life, I’m married, have two little kids and enjoy running and other outdoor activities.

My motivation

Since 2005 TYPO3 plays an important part in my life and my commitment in various parts of the TYPO3 project is my way of giving back. Through TYPO3 I’ve met so many great and wonderful people who made me a better person. As a member of the Board, I’d like to add my experience from the day to day work with TYPO3. Furthermore, I’d like to continue my work on answering the various inquiries to and supporting the Board on different administrative topics. You want to get in touch with me? Perfect! You can reach me anytime via Mail ( or Slack & Twitter (@cybersmog).

Anupam Chatterjee

About me

The first guy from India and probably outside Europe to gain expertise on TYPO3 as a developer and project manager. My extension AjaxChat was uploaded to the TER in 2006 and was once used in over 1200 websites around the world. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to continue working upon it by my employer at that time. Hence, I would have loved to keep it updated even until today.

I was the state champion and runner up at the National Coding Olympiad when I was only 14 years old. Programming and technology have been my passion and aspiration from a very young age until this date. I am now actively involved in TYPO3 development and project management for 13 years. Considering that I have survived so long in this journey and now running a successful dedicated TYPO3 agency since 2015 should be a clear pointer to the fact that I have been good with the job. Today, my company works with some of the top European agencies as their shadow partner in all their TYPO3 projects and I have silently gained my place among the ranks of those who truly know, understand and love TYPO3.

My motivation

I have always maintained silence and observed other less deserving people beating their trumpets and trying to gain their presence and prominence within the TYPO3 community, especially from outside Europe. Over these years, I have silently observed people from India and other 3rd world nations who talk so loud about their TYPO3 capabilities pathetically fail with some of the basic implementations. I have observed how in the last 5 years many clients are trying to find an alternative to TYPO3 because of cheap implementations, redundant bugs and bad experiences.

TYPO3 is the best Enterprise level CMS we have in terms of open-source. It is time that I now come up in the open and challenge all clients who need an enterprise level open-source solution to prove to me how a different framework is better than TYPO3. This confidence can only be exhibited by someone who is confident about the possibilities of TYPO3 and can lead the group outside of Europe.

What I seek now is just an opportunity!

Tymoteusz Motylewski

About me

My journey with TYPO3 community and product has started more than 10 years ago. Since a few I'm also proud to be a core team member. Thanks to this great experience I know how grate potential TYPO3 products has. But technical expertise is just one part of the story. I'm a co-founder and CTO of Macopedia - an agile web agency located in Poland. Leading a successful 40 people company allowed me to develop business and management skills. Husband and a father of two, love to sail in the free time.

My motivation

The product is strong and has a great potential. Before, as a core team member I helped to improve the product. Now I would like to help TYPO3 ecosystem grow.
I'm sure we can achieve that by setting a clear strategy, filling communication gaps and getting everybody on the same page.

Candidates for the Business Control Committee

Roberto Torresani

About me

I am Roberto Torresani and live in Trento, in the north of Italy between Lake Garda and Austria.
I'm using TYPO3 since 2004 and I'm one of the most active members of the Italian community. In 2010 I organized the first event in Italy on TYPO3: T3Camp Italia. Since the beginning of 2017 I'm the leader of the Italian community.

My motivation

I'm an elected member of BCC since 2013 and during this period I knews better the activities of the international TYPO3 Association and TYPO3 GmbH. I have know many aspects of association and the TYPO3 gmbh. The business control committee (BCC) has a first look in the accounting of the Association and check the annual budget. In this period I have known the budget process and I am still motivated to check that all payments are regular for the transparency of the members of the Association.

Ingo Schmitt

About me

My name is Ingo Schmitt (born in 1974, married, one son). I live in Neukirchen-Vluyn - a small town between Duisburg (Germany) and Venlo (Netherlands) - and work as managing director at Marketing Factory Consulting GmbH (MFC) in Düsseldorf. We at MFC believe that open source isn’t just about the code being open source, but also about being a part of a community. 
During my long time work in the TYPO3 community as a coder, organizer of #T3SAIL and #T3CRR and member of the BCC I have been introduced to many fantastic people and I have made some very good friends.

When not working on my computers, I enjoy spending time with my family. In winter I enjoy watching the games of our local ice hockey team (while also trying to play ice hockey myself) and in summer I am participating in sailing regattas.

My motivation

In the past 30 years I voluntarily spent quite a lot of time as a Youth Speaker, Youth Secretary, Chairman, Press Secretary, regional Officer and annual accounts auditor for several different non-profit organizations ("eingetragene Vereine“) in Germany. 

I am able to bring a lot of knowledge into the BCC: From the organization, bookkeeping and controlling of projects in both – companies as well as non-profit environments, to my management experiences at MFC. I’ve been a member of the BCC since 2011 and I would like to continue to take part in the financial, business and organizational development of the TYPO3 Association and the TYPO3 GmbH.

Jean de Dieu NDAHAYO

About me

I am a private web and software developper in rwanda and I am 29 years old. I hold bachelors degree in computer science from university of Kigali. I have more experience in web development.

My motivation

I am able to be in business control committee and from now i need to use TYPO3 in my business.

Ravishankar Patel

About me

I am working in TYPO3 for last 9yrs on the template integration ,upgrade versions and extension development

My motivation

I want to make aware to more people about the TYPO3 CMS so more and more people know this CMS and even we have working in Rwanda and convert mostly the goverment websites in TYPO3