Invoicing the TYPO3 Association

Invoicing Rules

If you are not a budget owner, please send your invoices to your budget owner.

If you have to bill the TYPO3 Association make sure you comply with the rules as outlined below:

  • Invoices have to be handed in as soon as possible.
  • The date of the invoice must not be older than 20 days.
  • Invoices have to be one electronic file (PDF preferrably) containing all relevant information.
  • Invoices have to be sent by the Budget Owner (Budget Owner in cc is not enough).
  • Invoices need to contain the Budget Number (either printed or added handwritten).
  • Invoices have to be sent to backoffice(at) (no other e-mail address will process acounts payable).
  • Invoices have to have the correct billing address, which is:
    TYPO3 Association
    Sihlbruggstrasse 105
    CH-6340 Baar
  • If the invoice covers compensation for labour, the timelog must be sent to - Budget Owners are responsible for timelogs. The Backoffice Team does not check for correct timelogs.
  • Invoices that come directly to Backoffice Team via snailmail, will be digitized and sent to the presumed Budget Owner. The Budget Owner then has to make sure that the invoice respects the above rules and hand it in to the Backoffice Team. Please note, that this process takes longer, so we recommend to send your invoices always to the buget owner.

Important when Invoicing Travel Costs as a Company

The following is only relevant to you if you invoice travel costs to the TYPO3 Association as an *European Company*.

Because the original accounting sources (such as train tickets) remain in your company, you are only eligible for invoicing the *net value* of your expenses to the TYPO3 Association. 

In detail, this means that:

  • Your employee will invoice the full travel expenses towards the company, with all the original accounting sources attached (for example train tickets etc).
  • Because your company has then the original accounting sources, it can claim a refund of the VAT from the tax authority.
  • Your company can then send an invoice to the TYPO3 Association, billing only the *net value* of the travel expenses, with no VAT added at all (because the TYPO3 Association is located in Switzerland outside the European Union).
  • As usual, make sure to attach copies of the train tickets or of other prooves of travel to the invoice for the TYPO3 Association.

Alternatively, instead of claiming the remibursement through your company, you (as individual person) can also directly ask for refund to the TYPO3 Association. In this case, the full value of travel costs can be reimbursed. If this sounds easier to you, make sure to use the corresponding form. 

Payment Terms

Invoices that comply with the above set of rules will be paid within 10 days. The Backoffice Team will make bookings and payments at least once a week. The office is closed throughout the Christmas holiday season and will reopen in the 2nd week of January.

Invoices that do not comply with this set of rules will be deleted and will not be processed. The Budget Owner will be informed and will have to send the correct invoice to backoffice(at)

Should you have questions regarding a received reimbursement, please contact the budget owner first. He or she will clear potential issues with the back office directly and provide you with a feedback. 

Reimbursement of Travel Expenses

If you want your travel expenses reimbursed, please make sure to speak to the budget responsible before you book.
When booking please make sure to follow the rules for reimbursement in the document "Travel expenses reimbursement at the TYPO3 Association". If in doubt, please write an email to info(at) before booking.

Further Questions

Are there questions left concerning how to bill the TYPO3 Association? Just drop an E-Mail to backoffice(at)!

We are happy to help you!