Budget Owner’s Guide

As a budget owner, you are responsible for your budget:

  • Do not exceed your budget. We cannot cover expenses exceeding your budget, so you should make sure to keep track of all expenses.
  • Keep your deadlines: 
    • In your budget application, you committed yourself to milestones. Keep in mind, that your budget is bound to these milestones.
    • Bookkeeping closes around 15th December each year, so you should submit all of your invoices before this date.
  • Report on your acitvities. Most budgets are bound to a report, so please don't forget to write a report.
  • Ensure that invoices are correct. Invoices with formal errors may be considered as illegible for refund.
  • Food and bevarges at sprints are allow to get reimbursed.They do not cover expenses during travel time. The expenses should stay reasonable. Escpecially expensives for alcoholics can be disallowed even after the sprint!

Formal Requirements

When you receive an invoice, please check:

  • Budget Number. Does the invoice state your budget number? (If not, write it on the invoice.)
  • Invoice Age. The invoice must not be older then twenty days.
  • Travel Regulations. The invoice must respect the travel regulations.
  • Day Length. Working hours are paid only up to 6 hours per day with a rate of 55 €.
  • Budget Coverage. Working hours are only paid if they are granted in the budget.