Projects of the TYPO3 Association

Clear goals

The TYPO3 Association has clear long term goals:

  • Increase number of people involved with TYPO3
  • Keep good vibes and values
  • Increase market share
  • Increase confidence in products
  • Provide CMS insights / research

To reach these goals, we set up smaler projects.

Start to contribute

Roadmap 2018






Newsletter for TYPO3 Association Members

Set up a bimestral newsletter for the TYPO3 Association Members

Responsible: Rino Razzi

associationEnd Feb 2018
Create a

Social Media Editors group

Create a group of people willing to work on communicating news about TYPO3 universe on the social media. This group will have to cooperate with the TYPO3 communication group.

Responsible: Rino Razzi

communityEnd Mar 2018


Relaunch of

Launch a modern Responsible: Stefan Busemann 


April 2018

Self Service for members and community 

Allow to set invoice address, contact data, member profile, mail settings. Responsible: Stefan Busemann


Jul 2018

Voucher Management

Allow members to receive vouchers. Responsible: Stefan Busemann


Aug 2018

"This month in TYPO3" page on

Creation and management of a page on the site containing a monthly report on the most important events in the TYPO3 universe that took place in the last month.
The page will contain a collection of news with a title, a brief summary and a link to the full news.

Responsible: Peter Kraume

communityEnd Sep 2018


Create and manage teams:

  • Manage a team
  • Enter a team
  • leave a team

Responsible: Stefan Busemann


End Oct 2018

Visualize contribution

Improve member listing by map view, contribution monitor:

  • Show contribution of a member
  • Show certifications of a company
  • Show Extensions of member
  • Allow a more detailed member profile
  • Integrate Partnerprogramm status

Responsible: Stefan Busemann


End 2018

Community Appreciation

Identify possibilities to show appreciation for the work that is done for the TYPO3 project

  • Make the work of so many people visible
  • What kind of appreciation is possible

Responsible: Peter Kraume

communityEnd 2018