Projects of the TYPO3 Association

Clear goals

The TYPO3 Association has clear long term goals:

  • Increase number of people involved with TYPO3
  • Keep good vibes and values
  • Increase market share
  • Increase confidence in products
  • Provide CMS insights / research

To reach these goals, we set up smaller projects.

You can contribute

  • Events: Be active in our events committee and coordinate and / or organize official TYPO3 events
  • Marketing: Set up marketing strategy of the TYPO3 Association / TYPO3 project and realize it. 
  • Values: Be active in the TYPO3 Association / community and help us to keep your values
  • Communication: Create content and distribute content about the TYPO3 Association and Project
  • Community: Get a part of our community and help organising sprints and be acitve in one of our teams / committees
  • Research: Provide CMS insights

Start to contribute

Roadmap for Association projects




Aimed for


Community Appreciation

Identify possibilities to show appreciation for the work that is done for the TYPO3 project

  • Make the work of so many people visible
  • What kind of appreciation is possible

Responsible: Peter Kraume

communityQ3 2020

in progress

Events Committee

At present the TYPO3 Events Committee is in reengineering mode. Board members of the TYPO3 Association have taken the task kickstart this Committee again.
We will invite up to 4 people to form the new Events Committee. The event committee won’t be organizing events, only facilitating and optimizing the organization of events. Our goal: simplifying the organisation of successful events. In short the below tasks will be handled.

  • creating and maintaining open runbook (set of tasks for events based on empiricism)
  • selection of event partners
  • benchmarks of costs

Responsible: Rachel Fourcard


in progress


Create and manage teams:

  • Manage a team
  • Enter a team
  • leave a team

Responsible: Stefan Busemann



in progress

Visualize contribution

Improve member listing by map view, contribution monitor:

  • Show contribution of a member
  • Show certifications of a company
  • Show Extensions of member
  • Allow a more detailed member profile
  • Integrate Partnerprogramm status

Responsible: Stefan Busemann




Self Service for members and community 

Allow to set invoice address, contact data, member profile, mail settings. Responsible: Stefan Busemann





Voucher Management

Allow members to receive vouchers. 

Responsible: Oliver Dobberkau, Markus Kamps



in progress

TYPO3 Marketplace

The TYPO3 Association wants to introduce an official marketplace.

Responsible: Olivier Dobberkau


in progress

TYPO3 less technical 

Responsible: Petra Hasenaucommunity2019

in progress

Cutting edge technology

  • Getting people together (workshop): Core team members, Board, Stake Holders and create a vision for the product
  • Clarify the role of TYPO3 product owner: There should be a face, which takes actively that role. There can (should) be a group behind the PO, to help him. 
Responsible: Oliver Dobberkau / Alain Veuve

in  progress