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Mathias Bolt Lesniak

Mathias Bolt Lesniak
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TYPO3 Association - Press Office
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Kirsten Gnadl
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Institution:TYPO3 Association
Year of Foundation:2004
Address:Sihlbruggstrasse 105, CH-6340 Baar, Switzerland
Bodies:Expert Advisory Board, Business Control Commiitee, Board, General Assembly
President:Olivier Dobberkau
Annual Report:published on a yearly basis by the General Assembly
Project Name(s):TYPO3
Product Definition(s):TYPO3 CMS: professional Web Content Management Framework
Licensed under:TYPO3 CMS: GNU General Public License version 2 or later
Language Versions:51
Latest Product Version(s):TYPO3 CMS: 7.6
Worldwide Community:appx. 80,000 registered developers in more than 80 countries
International Contacts:info(at)

The TYPO3 Association is a not-for-profit organisation that was founded in 2004 to ensure the long-term development of the web-based content management system TYPO3 CMS. More than 800 members, companies and freelancers have been supporting the association since then. Its funds come from membership fees, donations and the annual TYPO3 Conference, T3CON.

In accordance with its statute, the TYPO3 Association supports the free software TYPO3 project under the GNU General Public License. The TYPO3 Association serves the general public by offering software developments from third parties free of charge.

The TYPO3 Association is an association in accordance with Swiss Law that is based in Baar ZG (Switzerland). It is non-partisan and denominationally neutral.

TYPO3 Projects

Most of TYPO3’s projects focus on web-based content management systems (CMS) for enterprise users. Its main product is TYPO3 CMS.

  • TYPO3 CMS is a free content management framework for websites and the most widespread open source CMS for enterprises. Approximately 500,000 websites have already been developed with TYPO3. TYPO3 CMS is based on the script language PHP. The current version can be found at the download page.

Goals and tasks of the TYPO3 Association

The TYPO3 Association enables the further development of the products mentioned by creating the necessary basic conditions for open source software to be produced and further developed. These include events and educational offerings as well as infrastructural support. To be more specific:

  • Informative and educational events on TYPO3 products and projects.
  • Internal and external communication aimed at sharing knowledge and expertise on TYPO3.
  • Sustained and long-term development of the various TYPO3 projects.
  • Securing of trademark rights in the interest of the TYPO3 community. 

TYPO3 events

  • T3CON: the annual TYPO3 Conference for content managers, developers, business decision makers and marketing and IT experts held each year. (Event organized by the TYPO3 Association)
  • T3 Developer Days, held each year for developers and users of TYPO3 Membership. (Event organized by the TYPO3 Association)
  • TYPO3 Barcamps (open conferences with open workshops that are organised by the participants themselves), held several times a year in different cities. (Event organized by independant community members)


The TYPO3 Association is a membership organisation. Our members pay an annual membership fee that is used to finance activities, events and projects. The members’ names are published on the respective website ( Sponsors support the various activities and thus round off the work of the TYPO3 Association.

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