News from the Education Committee

Help TYPO3 certification take the next step

Category: Education & Certification June 26, 2012

The TYPO3 Certification Team is taking exams for at least 4 years now and is ready to take a next step, introducing the 'Certified TYPO3 Developer'. The team needs you to make it come true.


New logos for TYPO3 Association membership and Certified Integrators

Category: Education & Certification February 29, 2012

Inline with the new branding and the imminent relaunch of typo3.org the TYPO3 Association membership and Certified Integrators logo's have been reworked to reflect the new styling. The new logos are looking just fabulous! You can check for yourself by following the links below. If you are a ...


A thousand+ certified integrators

Category: Education & Certification February 23, 2012

The TYPO3 Certification Team is proud to announce that we have reached the mark of 1000 TYPO3 Certified Integrators. In fact, at the time of this writing, there are 1032 individuals that have successfully passed the exam. The Certification Team started it's work in the Summer of 2006. The first ...


Become a certified TYPO3 integrator

Category: Education & Certification October 27, 2008

After a long preparation phase the certification team finally made it! The first public beta test has successfully taken place during the T3CON 08 in Berlin. Register now and become one of the very first certified "TYPO3 integrator".


Certification Team rounds up Survey

Category: Education & Certification December 07, 2006

The results of the survey conducted November 2-16 by the T3A Certification Team, clearly show that the majority of TYPO3 developers have the willingness to take part in a certification examination for developers.


Survey TYPO3 certification for individuals

Category: Education & Certification November 02, 2006

To get a better impression of the community's needs regarding the upcoming TYPO3 Certificates, the TYPO3 Certification Team is asking all TYPO3 developers to take part in a certification survey. We would be very pleased to know their needs and opinions on taking a future TYPO3 Certificate. If you ...


Certification Team starts working on the certification process

Category: Education & Certification August 25, 2006

Arnhem, August 25 - Last week the newly formed Certification Team of the TYPO3 Association for the first time met face to face in Munich, Germany. In a two-day session the team took the first steps on the road to certification. The goal of the certification process was defined, the team was ...