TYPO3 Video Podcast Online

Category: Community January 24, 2006

I don't know if this is useful or awful or somewhere in between but I think it's an original idea and with some polishing could prove to be nice. So for all of you who were so lucky to get a video iPod for christmas; spend your commuting time getting insight about your favourite CMS! For now, take ...


The TYPO3 Global Marketing Team recently made several announcements regarding their efforts to promote TYPO3 around the world. Between publicizing award-winning websites and publishing articles in mainstream media publications, the team has been very busy and successful; with several more ...


TYPO3 help in IRC

Category: Community January 03, 2006

Few people are aware of the TYPO3 IRC channel on freenode.net. Channel #typo3 is frequented by some very knowledgeable TYPO3 users and developers, and is an excellent resource for the TYPO3 community.


TYPO3 SWOT Analysis

Category: Community November 29, 2005

The TYPO3 SWOT Analysis is designed to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) to TYPO3. The results can help to improve and further distribute TYPO3.


T3N Magazine 02/2005

Category: Community November 23, 2005

The latest issue of the German-language T3N Magazine (02/2005) can now be ordered. The reader can expect a wide spectrum of interesting articles about TYPO3 and other open source technologies.


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