TYPO3 4.3 Alpha 2

March 11, 2009

Category: Development
Author: Oliver Hader

The TYPO3 Core Team is proud to announce the second alpha release of TYPO3 version 4.3. Get a short overview of the most important changes.

So, what's new in this release?


Integration of ExtJS as common library
The JavaScript framework ExtJS was integrated as common widget library. This collection offers developers an easy but powerful option to create nice looking user interfaces by reusing predefined objects. For example, ExtJS supports grid views, dialog windows and dynamic panels. It is currently used in the TYPO3 Core for the dialog showing that a session in the backend has expired and for the new recycler.

Integrated logging of calls to deprecated functions
A deprecation log has been introduced to track calls to deprecated/outdated methods in the TYPO3 Core. Developers have to make sure to adjust their code to avoid using this old functionality since deprecated methods will be removed in future TYPO3 releases.

Updated caching framework
The caching framework was backported from FLOW3 and shipped with the first alpha release of TYPO3 4.3 but has been updated again for Alpha 2. This task was necessary to keep up to date with changes from FLOW3. As part of this update, the class names and some method names have changed.

Integration of a random byte generator
A random byte generator has been added which can be used for cryptographic operations in the TYPO3 Core or in any other extension.

Third party libraries
This release comes with updated JavaScript libraries. We now ship with prototype and script.aculo.us 1.8.2.

Backend improvements

Improved recycling of deleted records
In TYPO3 most elements are not removed physically. They remain in the database but are no longer displayed in the user interface. The recycler offers the possibility of restoring these deleted records. Based on an ExtJS interface, it's possible to get a quick overview of deleted elements, filter the list and execute the desired actions. This new feature is the modernized and core-specific version of the kj_recycler extension that has been available in the TER for years now.

Several RTEhtmlarea improvements
Many enhancements were integrated into RTEhtmlarea such as bugfixes to work with Opera 9.62+, enhanced configuration possibilities, enhanced styling possibilities and the support of mount points in element browser - just to mention a few.

Maintenance lock-down
It is possible now to temporarily lock down the backend for system maintenance. Editors will see an overlay with an message notifying them that the backend is locked. When the lock is removed, editors can continue without having to re-login.

Replaced "login expired" popup
The popup telling a user that his session has expired was replaced by a dialog based on ExtJS.

Next steps to climb the TYPO3 4.3 hill

Please test this alpha release as much as possible, especially the new features from alpha2 and those described above! If you're using one of the new features in a project already and discover bugs, please report them immediately to http://bugs.typo3.org/!

During the next few weeks, we will release one more alpha version before locking down the development of new features. We will then continue with beta releases which are only meant for bug fixes before turning to release candidates and the final version of TYPO3 4.3. This means that you can expect the final version to be ready in May 2009.

For a detailed overview of the features planned for TYPO3 4.3 and their progress, have a look at the TYPO3 v4 Development Page, the bugtracker, and the ChangeLog.

You can download the packages at http://typo3.org/download/packages/.

MD5 checksums:

67cadc48e5c79a2a34a86b9dd89aeffb  dummy-4.3.0alpha2.tar.gz
9dd0ae380dbe3b9e923b21ff8e22681c dummy-4.3.0alpha2.zip
55830ba708d91160e600d874f97548d1 typo3_src-4.3.0alpha2.tar.gz
a904944c8fff54dec3a077838bdb6476 typo3_src-4.3.0alpha2.zip
4ccd0633b4b8e132fb6f5fa0c7cd7551 typo3_src+dummy-4.3.0alpha2.zip

Rock on!

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