Supervisory Board meeting: TYPO3 Inc on track

November 21, 2017

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Author: Alain Veuve
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The TYPO3 Association initiated a supervisory Board for the TYPO3 Inc (TYPO3 GmbH). This is our first public report, which shows that development is better than expected.

The supervisory board of TYPO3 Inc met on 7th November 2017. This is the first public report. A supervisory board is an optional step, but the TYPO3 Association finds it an important one towards transparency. 

What will the Supervisory Board do? The Board will meet at least 4 times a year to check major decisions and monitor progress against the agreed business plan. After each meeting, the board will publish a report to the TYPO3 Association members. 

Who is in the Supervisory Board? The current Supervisory Board consists of Olivier Dobberkau, Alain Veuve and Stefan Busemann from the TYPO3 Association Board. A new Supervisory Board will be selected after the Association’s next General Assembly in April 2018. As all changes have to be reported to the German Commercial Register, we will postpone the official registration of the Supervisory Board until then.

TYPO3 Inc Development:

The TYPO3 Inc is generating a profit, and the results are in accordance with our expectations. 54% the revenue has been generated by the ELTS program, and 9.95% by the Partner Program. The remaining profit was generated by various activities such as project reviews and SLA sales. 

The TYPO3 Inc did not use funds from the €350,000 CMS Budget until September 2017, at which point €29,166 (1/12 of the budget) was invoiced to the TYPO3 Association. This means a large part of the development funds needed for TYPO3 CMS was drawn from the TYPO3 Inc’s operational surplus.   

However, an expected decline in revenue from the ELTS program will lead to increased need for funds from the CMS budget. The TYPO3 Inc plans to invoice another €29,166 in December, but this will be credited against the TYPO3 Inc’s debts to the TYPO3 Association. Doing so will enable us to significantly lower the TYPO3 Association’s open credit line. The amount of credit is subject to tax considerations. These will be ascertained as soon as a full financial picture for 2017 is available from the TYPO3 Inc and the TYPO3 Association. 


  • Partner Program. In Q3, the Partner Program was significantly extended. We enabled partners to maintain their case studies themselves on typo3.com, in a "self service" manner. Furthermore, infrastructure to measure community commitment was implemented. In addition to this, the freelancer partner program was launched. Q3 closed with 12 relevant customer leads forwarded to partners.  
  • Agency Meetup Days. With all events taking place in September, the Agency Meetup Days required a lot of time from the TYPO3 Inc team. For the first time, Jörg Ems assumed a role on official events and the whole team helped to make the AMDs a success. Approximately 170 people visited the ten AMDs and only the event in Italy had to be cancelled.
  • Meet TYPO3 Vienna. The TYPO3 Inc played a relevant part in Meet TYPO3 Vienna.
  • Industry partnerships. Initial negotiations were held with Google, Supr, Bynder and drud. 
  • Certification tool. A Hubspot-based management tool was set up for the certification team. In addition, a certification proof-of-concept was created.
  • The TYPO3 University Day was organized and managed by the TYPO3 Inc, upon request from the universities. Some planning for T3CON 2018 was conducted in collaboration with Sitegeist’s Sven Ditz.
  • The TYPO3 Trainer program was developed. It is currently under evaluation by relevant consultants in the TYPO3 community. Once complete, it will be rolled out. 
  • TYPO3 house. The idea is finally gaining momentum. Various meetings have been organized in Düsseldorf. Some facilitated by the team, others without their facilitation. 


Bernd Schreiber joined as Audio/Video Producer, in a part-time position. ln September Jan Helke left TYPO3 Inc. We will soon initiate a formal HR process to find suitable candidates for the job. External solutions have been evaluated as well, but were found to be more expensive and less flexible.    


We are optimistic and expect the growth to continue with stable revenue in Q4. 

In Q4, we will focus initially on business plan milestones and enlarging the management team of the TYPO3 Inc. This is a initial effort towards making the company more sustainable and less dependent on single individuals. Secondly, we will be focusing on building sales activities and management, as well as online marketing for TYPO3 partners. 

During Q4, we will also extend the equity of the TYPO3 Inc by between €80,000 and €105,000. The next report should be expected towards the end of January, 2018.

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