Report on the typo3.org Team sprint in Karlsruhe (Jun 2017)

June 27, 2017

Our team was very productive this year, we have been working hard at the long-awaited relaunch of typo3.org website. In Karlsruhe we had a small 2 day preparation sprint and a large 3 day implementation sprint.

On tuesday the small group, consisting of Markus Sommer, Yaroslav Trach and Stefan Busemann prepared the implementation sprint by designing missing elements. And of course, we also explored the Karlsruhe city at late night.

From thursday to saturday the big implementation started. We were glad to be able to distribute our work to roundabout 20 participants.

Our main topics were:

  • Implementation of the new navigation menu
  • Finalization of design elements for sub pages
  • Improvement of the existing content
  • Identification of outdated content
  • Finalization of the site structure
  • Implementation of all infrastructure for the needed sites (typo3.org / my.typo3.org / extension.typo3.org)
  • Testing discourse integration

We asked some of our contributors about their impressions of the sprint:

What did you learn?

Yaroslav Trach: I've learned how to work with Gulp-prototyping process. Also I've figured out that TYPO3 community is extremely wide. Here you can find people can help you in any minute!

Maya Bornschein: On a personal level, I learned, that the TYPO3 community is a lot more approachable than I had originally thought. On a professional level, I learned that the BEM methodology is a pain to read.

What was my challenge?

Jens Seiler: First of all: Don`t try to develop with a Windows-machine!!!

So more than the half time I waited until my computer was fit enough to work with.

During this time I was explained something about integration, specially the event-extension.

Miro Olma: To make typo3.org sexy again

What was the funniest moment?

Yaroslav Trach: The funniest was to see faces of people in moment when they figured out that I can speak and understand German a bit.

Jens Seiler: Saschas face  when I came with my Windows Surface in the hands in his direction :slightly_smiling_face:

How did you feel during the sprint?

Yaroslav Trach: I've felt in friendly company of inspired developers that looking forward to present of their vision to people. During all the time there was a feeling that you can rely on people around.

Thorsten Griebenow: As in every sprint, it has been fun to contribute, to meet people I had already known to new faces as well.

Jens Seiler: I felt so welcome. I was worried at first, because I'm so new to the community, but I was greeted with open arms and lots of patience and support.

What was your motivation to join?

Yaroslav Trach:  For me motivation was to be a part of TYPO3 community, develop myself in it. I've wanted to make a contribution to development and improve the new typo3.org website.

Miro Olma: To give something back to the community

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