Passing the baton

October 28, 2017

Category: Association,  Education & Certification

Peter Pröll will leave the EAB and steps back from the leader position of the Education Committee.

Eye of the needle, Marstrand Sweden

Dear Community,

For nearly nine years I have been in office in the TYPO3 Association's Board, Expert Advisory Board and as the leader of the TYPO3 Education Committee.

In 2009 I was elected to the TYPO3 Association Board. Besides other tasks, I was part of the association by-law reformation which introduced voting rights for all community members: The old Steering Committee was dismantled in 2012, and the Expert Advisory Board (EAB) has been set up. I was elected for the first EAB and have been re-elected since then by the members of the TYPO3 Association. I would like to say thank you for your trust.

In 2014 the TYPO3 Association set up the Education Committee and appointed me as the leader. Building up this committee was great fun and a lot of work. The certification team joined the Education Committee, and at some point, we decided to merge the two teams. I have not been the only leader by then. Supported by Marc Willmann and Pascal Dürsteler, forming a leading triad we have been able to coordinate all activities of the Education Committee. Pascal Dürsteler said goodbye a year ago. Marc Willmann is still there and has been the best leading partner I could imagine. Thank you so much, Marc!!

I would not have been able to come up with all the great ideas and do all the work involved on my own. The spirit of the Education Committee rocks. It has always been a great team achievement. Absolutely everybody in the Education Committee takes over responsibility and leadership. There would have been no other way to raise the certification programme from one certification to four different certification lines, to come up with the great CertiFUNcation which was the most successful and biggest TYPO3 event in 2017! Thanks to all visitors and sponsors!

The journey continues. Currently, the Education Committee is in the middle of reworking the certification workflow, which is badly needed. It is a laborious task, and there are some pains from growing and changing. It should be running smoothly during 2018. Also, the TYPO3 Trainer Network is about to become a reality. Besides that, we are reworking and maintaining the four certification programmes, and preparing CertiFUNcation 2018. Just to name the most significant tasks, yet there are quite more on the agenda.

All in all, there has been quite some time invest form my side of minimum 2-5 days a month, sometimes up to 8 days.

Over the last years, my business changed. I am concentrating on Agile Consulting and Agile Transitions. Lately, my current customers asked me for more time invest, giving less time for community work. 

Thus I will leave the Expert Advisory Board with the next elections in early 2018. I am also stepping back from the Education Committee leadership with immediate effect, and I am very thankful that Marc Willmann is taking over the leadership position. 

I will be around as a member of the Education Committee, and I will still be involved in the consultant certification programme, though. You will likely see me on one or the other community events and for sure during the rollercoaster rides at CertiFUNcation :).


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