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TYPO3 Community October 2012

Category: Community November 30, 2012

The month of October blasted of with the introduction of the new branding, sporting a unified approach for the TYPO3 family that was presented at the TYPO3 conference in Stuttgart. After years of preparation a first release of our next-generation CMS TYPO3 Neos was released.


Official positions in the TYPO3 Association have a tenure of office of 2 years. Each year half of the positions are newly elected. In 2013 the following positions are up for election: In the Board the positions of Vice President (Gina Steiner), 2nd Assessor (Frederic Gaus) and Cashier (Alain ...


TYPO3 CMS 6.0 released

Category: Development,  Top News November 27, 2012

The TYPO3 Community and the TYPO3 CMS Core Development team are proud to announce the release of TYPO3 CMS 6.0. TYPO3 CMS 6.0's main focus is to be future-proof. Its source code was substantially ...


Release of TYPO3 version 6.0 RC2

Category: Development November 21, 2012

In only one week since the release of the first release candiate, we managed to fix a lot of open issues, over 50 issues have been tackled. Again, many of them were related to the FIle Abstraction Layer. For example we enabled a proper handling for meta data of referenced files, so that ...


TYPO3Camp Rhein-Ruhr

Category: Community November 19, 2012

The first TYPO3Camp Rhein-Ruhr was held on November 10-11, 2012 at the Unperfekthaus in Essen. With over 100 participants and 37 sessions, it was a great success!


The marketing team has requested a large budget for the coming year, 2013. On Forge this budget request has been discussed and the marketing team would like to expand on the budget request itself as the original budget request was not to detailed.


Release of TYPO3 version 6.0 RC1

Category: Development November 10, 2012

Since the beta2 release over 300 patches went into the core. Thanks a lot to all contributors. Of course the main focus was and still is to stabilize the new version and make it production ready. Fixes were done in many areas but most of them were related to the namespace change and the File ...


5. Extbase Codesprint in Hamburg

Category: Community November 10, 2012

Publicly announcing the fifth TYPO3 Extbase Code Sprint in Hamburg/Germany from November 15 - 18. The goal is to to have a last sprint before TYPO3 Extbase 6.0 and get the last things polished as well as getting ready to provide new features in TYPO3 Extbase 6.1, this means talking strategy, and ...


TYPO3 Neos and Flow - October 2012

Category: Development November 05, 2012

As we had expected, October was a bit slow. Everyone rightfully relaxed after the frenzy leading up to the T3CON12 and the release of the Neos alpha. Still, things continued to evolve, of course…