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CSS styled IMGTEXT - Part2

Category: Development September 16, 2005

Ernesto Baschny just released a new version of the "cron_cssstyledimgtext" extention. This will allow you to render the "Text with image" and "Image" content types without using any TABLE. There are some nice new features, some needed bug fixes and best of all: everything is now documented, check ...


Well we have had our fair share of dudes at TYCON who taught us how to behave while building the net and make everybody happy doing that. It is time to put things into practice, but what are we without any tools? From the guys that built www.greenpeace.de come two accessibility tools you WANT to ...


1st annual TYPO3 conference is over

Category: Community September 14, 2005

On September 8-10 the first annual TYPO3 conference for professionals, known as TYCON3, was held in Karlsruhe.Thursday was a day of tutorials within different aspects of working with TYPO3. From an introduction for people without any prior TYPO3 knowledge, over walk-throughs of popular extensions ...


Caching at TYPO3.org

Category: Community September 13, 2005

Yesterday night we finally upgraded TYPO3.org to version 3.8.0. Because we had to clear all caches, including the indexed_search cache, the pages were rendered quite slowly in the time following. Kasper is currently fine-tuning the caching mechanism to fit the special needs of TYPO3.org. In the ...


Sacha Vorbeck @ TYCON3

Category: Development September 12, 2005

TYCON3 was held from september 8 - 11. Over 200 people attended the First International TYPO3 Conference. It was great to see that both accessibility speeches attracted so many people. Our accessibility man, Sacha Vorbeck, has won second prize for best speech of TYCON3. At his talk the room was ...


CSS styled IMGTEXT - It is here!!!

Category: Development September 05, 2005

Finally someone had the guts to finish CSS styled IMGTEXT tHNx Ernesto!!Ernesto Baschny of Cron-It finished the "css-styled-imgtext" I originally started with Ingmar and was maintained by Andreas Schwarzkopf, but shamelessly never finished by us. It turns out to be an absolut must in ...


Kasper at cmf2005 this November

Category: Community September 02, 2005

This November a conference on Content Management, CMF2005, is held in Aarhus, Denmark, with CMS gurus and speakers from 9 countries. Kasper will be in a vendor panel on the IT track. The track will also feature speakers from BBC, Copenhagen Business School and the Danish Defence Command and others. ...