You have chosen the right content management framework with TYPO3.

With more than 500,000 installations the TYPO3 CMS is the most widely used Enterprise Content Management System, enabling you to build different and scalable setups for your customers’ or personal needs.

Starting with small websites for businesses and non-profit organizations, all the way through to large multi-lingual portals for global enterprise, TYPO3 provides the basis for modern content management.

We got something very special for you - TypoScript: simply powerful.

Have you ever thought how cool it would be to have a content management system which is flexible to the max and could be configured and customized without the need to learn or even write a single line of php code?

A content management system which has a built-in editor with code completion, syntax highlighting and a powerful analysis tools to verify your work?

Which even makes it possible, in case an error occurs, to not break a running system?

TypoScript is the configuration language for TYPO3 which is modular, has versioning on board from the very beginning and enables you to create individual renderings with full support for text and image compositions, besides the usual content types - always with a safety net for the application you build.

Make it possible with TypoScript… 45 minutes

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Over 6,000 Extensions - for free in the TYPO3 “App Store”

With about 6,000 free available extensions, TYPO3 provides almost unlimited possibilities for expanding your TYPO3 website or application.

The built-in Extension Manager helps you to install the extensions you want, which are available for free in the “app store”, otherwise known as the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER).

Even if you want to go a step further - TYPO3 helps you to develop and publish/distribute your own extensions to millions of users worldwide without the restrictions of other vendors.

Sometimes a personal answer to a question is the best help you can get

Inside the the TYPO3 Community there are various ways to get qualified answers for your questions around your TYPO3 project.

The official TYPO3 forum on offers a bi-directional link to the TYPO3 Maillinglist and is a great start to if you want dig into a huge archive of almost 550.000 messages in 150.000 topics, or to get an answer to your question from one of the 17.600 members directly - from users for users.

You need your answers even faster? So you might consider using one of the existing IRC developers chats for TYPO3.

Find an answer...

Get in touch directly…

…at the TYPO3 IRC Chats

You want to join the TYPO3 Community? You’re already a part of it!

By installing TYPO3 you have already joined the TYPO3 Community, and that’s awesome! Everyone is part of the community, whether he is using, integrating, extending or even teaching TYPO3. The community is everywhere, regardless whether you need help, want to contribute or simply socialize.

But of course there are some ways to kick start. Just contribute in the way you want or get to know on the events.

Give something back...

...and feel the spirit

Get real and…

…meet the Community

Giving something back - Just do it, there is no reason to ask for permission.

There are multiple options how you can give something back:

  • Develop an extension and upload it to the TER (=TYPO3 Extension Repository).
  • Write some news or blog about TYPO3. Even if it’s something like resolving a small problem, blog it!
    »Spread the word and promote TYPO3«
  • Write Ben what you did and get mentioned on his "This Week in TYPO3" on
  • Write something and publish it. e.g. using Github or equivalent platform.
  • Take a look at our forge, our bug tracker, to fix bugs or create tickets for newly found issues.
    If you want to fix bugs, just attach the patch to the issue, or follow the walkthrough to submit your patch directly to TYPO3.
  • Take a look at the teams and get in touch.
    Everyone has skills, find the team that matches your skills and interests and start participating.

TYPO3 Events and Community - come join us!

A global range of different events centered around TYPO3 offers beginners or advanced users the opportunity to get directly in touch with other users, developers and even the creators of your favorite TYPO3 product.

The international TYPO3 conferences offer possibilities to get in touch with the TYPO3 project, join the Community and allow users to advance their skills in workshops in North America, Asia and Europe.

National and regional committees organize school, university and campus courses, camps and TYPO3 Usergroups which cover a wide range of topics from the TYPO3 universe.

The annual T3Board offers the opportunity to take part of a snowboard and ski tour and meet within the TYPO community.  If you don’t like it cold, you can also start to enhance your TYPO3 and sailing skills during the annual T3Sail!

Exchange your knowledge... regional TYPO3 Usergroups

Integrator Program - Become certified

You can become a certified integrator - the TYPO3 Association provides an exam where you can show that you are a fully qualified integrator. You will become a member in the online list and get a sign for your page, a great way to demonstrate your ability and commitment to current and prospective clients.

The exam tests your skills in integration, which means administration, setup, TypoScript and general detail regarding TYPO3.

Find out more...

...about the certified integrator

Take the exam…

...and become certified

And even listed…

…on the online list

Find out more...

...about the TYPO3 products