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With more than 500,000 installations TYPO3 CMS is the most widely used Enterprise Content Management System, providing the basis for websites, intranets and web & mobile applications worldwide.

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Starting with small websites for businesses and non-profit organizations, all the way through to large multi-lingual portals for global enterprises, TYPO3 products are providing the basis for modern content management - always with a focus on the current needs of businesses and public institutions.

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Return On Investment

With its license-cost-free Open Source approach, is also particularly interesting for small and medium enterprises and municipalities, where startup and ongoing costs for licensed systems can be prohibitive.

Since all TYPO3 products are license-cost-free, you can spend all investments into the implementation of the desired project and its features. With an equal budget, the use of TYPO3 products allows a higher grade of customization and individualization, compared to proprietary software.

Additionally also, especially in the software industry usual, regular yearly costs for software update services (SUS) are not necessary.

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Stability and Future Proof

Worldwide almost 75,000 developers are continuously improving the different TYPO3 products  - for free! Since more than a decade the TYPO3 CMS has grown as the industry standard for rock solid and modern web publishing.

Fixed release cycles, regular bug and security fixes, feature updates and product-related roadmaps are always geared to the needs of your non-profit organization, municipalities or company.

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Unlimited expandability with its own "App Store"

With about 6,000 free available extensions, TYPO3 CMS provides almost unlimited possibilities for expanding your TYPO3 website or application. The built-in Extension Manager helps you to install the extensions you want, which are available for free in the “app store”, otherwise known as the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER).

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Key Features built in

TYPO3 CMS is known as the "Swiss Army Knife" under the Enterprise Content Management Systems and comes with significant features such as Multi-site management, Granular assignable permissions, integrated development with workspaces and version control, comprehensive support for localization and multilingual, and much more, already in the base installation.

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Security taken seriously

Safety is first and foremost in the TYPO3 project and security issues in the core are taken very seriously. With the TYPO3 Security Bulletins you get informed about possible vulnerabilities in TYPO3 core and extensions, their potential impact and the relative severity (according to the Common Vulnerability Scoring System) and get security patches and updates provided as quickly as possibly by the security team.

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Special Distribution Packages and high acceptance

TYPO3 CMS is certified and approved by German Government and is used particularly in government circles and on classified projects. Due to the open source code of the system potential vulnerabilities are quickly identified and backdoors are excluded.

Special distribution packages like the TYPO3 CMS Government Package includes specific improvements to accessibility and aims to meet the requirements of local authorities and public bodies. The development of the Government package was supported in part by the BLE in Germany (Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture) and is a great starting point for similar projects.

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Professional Services and Certification

To ensure the quality of TYPO3 applications permanently at a high level, the TYPO3 project in 2008 introduced for the first time the TYPO3 Certified Integrator program. To date more than 1,200 people have successfully passed the appropriate qualification exams to attain “TYPO3 CMS Certified Integrator” status. Since 2013, the certification exam can be taken online, 24/7 worldwide, in cooperation with Pearson VUE.

Worldwide there are appx. 75,000 registered TYPO3 developers, 1,200 certified TYPO3 integrators around 1,000 TYPO3 Association members and agencies for the professional implementation of your TYPO3 project.

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These companies use TYPO3

  • WWF
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Lufthansa
  • Airbus
  • Airfrance
  • Grundig
  • Sony Entertainment

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Case Studies

  • American Express
  • Vodafone
  • Unesco
  • Amnesty International
  • Tamron
  • FAO
  • Greenpeace

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