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This extension supports none of the currently supported TYPO3 core versions or was uploaded before the release of the oldest TYPO3 core version.
It may no longer be maintained or supported by the extension owner.
Please be careful using this extension for your up-to-date TYPO3 instance.

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Fill the backend forms for a tournament with informations like the positioning, date etc.. The extension calculates the points for each position and a rankinglist for all tournaments. It uses the tables from t3sports for players and tt_address for locatio


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Extension key du_ranking
Version 1.0.0 alpha
Last updated March 28, 2012
First upload March 28, 2012
Downloads 325
Category Frontend Plugins
  • cfc_league
Conflicts none
Manual Extension Manual
Username jreinhold
Author Jürgen Reinhold

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