Media field for page type "External URL"

Media field for page type "External URL"

Outdated extension
This extension supports none of the currently supported TYPO3 core versions or was uploaded before the release of the oldest TYPO3 core version.
It may no longer be maintained or supported by the extension owner.
Please be careful using this extension for your up-to-date TYPO3 instance.

If you are sure this extension is flagged as outdated by mistake, please contact the t3o team

This extension slightly modifies the TCA array to let the "Media" field appear also if the page type is "External URL"


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Extension key dkd_media4url
Version 0.1.0 beta
Last updated July 24, 2003
First upload July 24, 2003
Downloads 1,685
Dependencies none
Conflicts none
Manual Not available
Username dkd-ter
Author dkd Open Source Team

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