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Secure Downloads Secure Downloads naw_securedl
by Dietrich Heise, Helmut Hummel
Obsolete: please use secure_downloads instead.
Version 1.8.3 obsolete
Last Updated July 21, 2016
Downloads 23,623
Compatibility 4.5.0 - 6.2.99
Manual Extension Manual
FAL Secure Download FAL Secure Download fal_securedownload
by Frans Saris (Beech.it)
Secure download of assets. Makes it possible to secure FE use of assets/files by setting permissions to folders/files for fe_groups.
Version 1.2.3 stable
Last Updated May 26, 2017
Downloads 4,037
Compatibility 6.2.2 - 8.7.99
Manual Extension Manual
by Sebastian Mendel
Provides a more secure, stable and scalable session handler which uses caching framework.
Version 2.0.1 stable
Last Updated August 25, 2014
Downloads 482
Compatibility 4.5.0 - 6.2.99
by Thomas Loeffler
You can set password conventions to force secure passwords for BE users.
Version 7.1.0 stable
Last Updated December 8, 2016
Downloads 18,475
Compatibility 6.2.0 - 8.99.99
Manual Extension Manual
File page File page filepage
by Michael Buergi
This extension provides an alternative to the filelist. Featuring secure downloads, hidden file names, easy installation and more. keywords: security, protection, access control, restriction, file list.
Version 1.3.0 stable
Last Updated June 8, 2017
Downloads 4,636
Compatibility 7.6.0 - 7.6.99
Manual Extension Manual
T3Monitor T3Monitor t3monitor
by T3Monitor Team
Monitors TYPO3 installation for updates and security issues (Requires an account on http://www.t3monitor.de)
Version 1.1.0 stable
Last Updated May 29, 2017
Downloads 327
Compatibility 4.5.0 - 8.9.99
TYPO3 Watchdog TYPO3 Watchdog aba_watchdog
by Robert Puntigam
Delivers security relevant information for typo3watchdog.com ( free service powered by abaton.at )
Version 7.0.1 stable
Last Updated January 25, 2016
Downloads 5,598
Compatibility 4.0.0 - 7.9.99
Manual Extension Manual
by Frank Frewer
Provides a password secured download possibility. Optionally with a user or a user group list. Backend module with download statistics.
Version 1.0.0 stable
Last Updated October 5, 2015
Downloads 1,515
Compatibility 4.5.40 - 7.99.99
Manual Extension Manual
Secure Downloads Secure Downloads secure_downloads
by Florian Wessels, Helmut Hummel
"Secure Download": Apply TYPO3 access rights to ALL file assets (PDFs, TGZs or JPGs etc. - configurable) - protect them from direct access.
Version 2.0.5 beta
Last Updated April 20, 2017
Downloads 1,714
Compatibility 7.6.0 - 8.7.99
Manual Extension Manual
Secure Download Form Secure Download Form rs_securedownload
by Rene
Display Downloads only with correct code
Version 0.3.3 stable
Last Updated October 30, 2016
Downloads 3,362
Compatibility 4.5.0 - 6.2.99
Manual Extension Manual
by Alex Kellner (in2code), Surena Golijani
Double opt-in for powermail forms. Could be used for admin or user check. DB entries are hidden up to this moment, when user clicks a link with a secure hash in a generated mail...
Version 1.2.0 stable
Last Updated September 1, 2015
Downloads 1,945
Compatibility 6.2.9 - 6.2.99
Manual Extension Manual
Central Account Management Central Account Management causal_accounts
by Xavier Perseguers (Causal)
This extension allows TYPO3 administrator accounts to be managed centrally and automatically synchronized with remote websites using a secure link. No need for complex LDAP / ActiveDirectory infrastructure.
Version 1.7.1 stable
Last Updated February 5, 2016
Downloads 2,554
Compatibility 4.5.0 - 7.99.99
Manual Extension Manual
Page HTTP/HTTPS Enforcer Page HTTP/HTTPS Enforcer https_enforcer
by Thomas Vogt
Adds a page record option to enforce HTTP/HTTPS access based on server port and environment vars. Can handle shared secure domains and SSL-proxys. Compatible with the RealURL extension.
Version 3.0.0 beta
Last Updated February 16, 2017
Downloads 14,203
Compatibility 7.6.0 - 7.6.99
Manual Extension Manual
MMC Guestbook MMC Guestbook mmc_guestbook
by Matthias Mächler
This is a guestbook built on extbase using several mechanisms to prevent spam (honeypot, form submission time, form html scramble, hashing, security question, redactional review by email, block IP of entries marked as spam)
Version 1.0.2 stable
Last Updated December 15, 2016
Downloads 1,762
Compatibility 6.2.0 - 7.6.99
Manual Extension Manual
PDF Lister PDF Lister pdflister
by Prakash A Bhat
This extension lists PDF files from a selected Folder. The website users can download these PDF files securely, without knowing the actual PDF path. The extension also allows signing up such downloaded PDF files with a custom message.
Version 1.0.1 alpha
Last Updated April 7, 2016
Downloads 353
Compatibility 6.2.0 - 6.2.99
Manual Extension Manual
[Smile] JumpURL HotFix [Smile] JumpURL HotFix smile_jumpurl_fix
by Smile
http://typo3.org/teams/security/security-bulletins/typo3-core/typo3-sa-2009-002/ See README.txt in the extension package.
Version 2.0.1 obsolete
Last Updated May 14, 2014
Downloads 591
Compatibility 4.1.0 - 4.2.5
LDAP / SSO Authentication LDAP / SSO Authentication ig_ldap_sso_auth
by Xavier Perseguers
This extension provides LDAP support for TYPO3 by delegating the authentication of frontend and/or backend users to the centrally-managed directory of your organization. It fully supports OpenLDAP and Active Directory and is capable of connecting securely to the authentication server using either TLS or SSL (ldaps://). In case of use in an intranet environment, this extension is a perfect match since it natively brings Single Sign-On (SSO) capability to TYPO3 without any complex configuration.
Version 3.2.2 stable
Last Updated May 26, 2017
Downloads 12,781
Compatibility 6.2.0 - 8.7.99
Manual Extension Manual