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FAL Secure Download FAL Secure Download fal_securedownload
by Frans Saris (Beech.it)
Secure download of assets. Makes it possible to secure FE use of assets/files by setting permissions to folders/files for fe_groups.
Version 1.2.3 stable
Last Updated May 26, 2017
Downloads 4,037
Compatibility 6.2.2 - 8.7.99
Manual Extension Manual
Cookie Cuttr Cookie Cuttr cookie_cuttr
by Ghanshyam Gohel
Under EU cookie law - the legislation says websites have to get permission from users before storing pieces of information called cookies on their computers. I have tried to implement CookieCuttr with TYPO3.
Version 1.0.2 beta
Last Updated April 29, 2016
Downloads 346
Compatibility 6.2.0 - 8.0.99
Manual Extension Manual
Typo3 Quickexplorer Typo3 Quickexplorer quickexplorer
by Karel Kuijpers
This extension introduces quickexplorer, a with typo3 7.6 compatible version of t3quixplorer. A backend module that makes you capable of exploring the files and folders of your entire webserver. Browse directories. View and edit ascii files. Create, copy, move, delete, archive files and directories. Download and upload files. Change permissions on files and folders.
Version 7.6.1 stable
Last Updated September 19, 2016
Downloads 351
Compatibility 7.6.0 - 7.6.99
by Stefan Galinski, Damjan Komlenac
This module serves several functions for editing of language files. The extension differs between editors and administrators with appropriate privileges. Normal users are allowed to edit only languages for which they have permission. Following functions are implemented in this module: Formats: PHP, XML and XLF Enhanced insert types (resizable text area, TinyMCE) Conversion of formats Splitting and merging of language files Override mode Editing L10n folder content Simple editing of constants and languages (edit/add/rename/delete constants) Flexible search and view of constants
Version 4.0.5 stable
Last Updated May 11, 2017
Downloads 24,280
Compatibility 7.6.12 - 8.7.99
Manual Extension Manual