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Static Publishing Static Publishing staticpub
by Kasper Skaarhoj, Daniel Pötzinger-AOE GmbH
Allows pages to be staticly published as real HTML pages.
Version 1.3.4 beta
Last Updated March 17, 2016
Downloads 2,675
Compatibility 6.2.0 - 6.2.99
Manual Extension Manual
form4 Errordocs form4 Errordocs form4_errordocs
by form4 GmbH & Co. KG
Use pages as error documents
Version 2.0.2 stable
Last Updated November 21, 2016
Downloads 2,980
Compatibility 7.6.0 - 7.6.99
Manual Extension Manual
BE Layouts by TypoScript BE Layouts by TypoScript belayout_tsprovider
by Kay Strobach
Provider for having BE layouts in PageTS
Version 0.0.2 beta
Last Updated November 13, 2014
Downloads 1,681
Compatibility 6.2.0 - 6.2.99
Manual Extension Manual
by Thomas Löffler
A Google sitemap for pages
Version 0.0.3 beta
Last Updated February 25, 2017
Downloads 126
Compatibility 7.6.0 - 8.99.99
Manual Extension Manual
Connecta AG Solr Keywords Connecta AG Solr Keywords cag_solrkeywords
by Jörg Hambuch (Connecta AG)
Influence your solr index: Boost or exclude pages with keywords given in page properties
Version 1.0.2 stable
Last Updated September 29, 2014
Downloads 693
Compatibility 4.5.0 - 6.2.99
Manual Extension Manual
Page Tree Wizard Page Tree Wizard pagewizard
by Michiel Roos, Dev-Team Typoheads, Reinhard Führicht
Create new page tree from a set of template page trees
Version 2.0.3 stable
Last Updated August 22, 2014
Downloads 3,046
Compatibility 4.5.0 - 6.2.99
Manual Extension Manual
News List News List newslist
by Lars Ebert
Lists the sub pages of a given page with date, thumbnails and teaser texts.
Version 3.0.0 stable
Last Updated November 7, 2014
Downloads 824
Compatibility 6.2.0 - 6.2.99
Manual Extension Manual
show page params show page params page_params
by bernd wilke
show page parameters on pages where these parameters are hidden like using RealUrl
Version 1.0.6 stable
Last Updated October 13, 2016
Downloads 3,541
Compatibility 6.2.9 - 7.6.99
Manual Extension Manual
RealURL 404 multilingual error page RealURL 404 multilingual error page realurl_404_multilingual
by Sven Wappler
Shows the defined error page of the given language if the requested page or file could not be found
Version 1.0.7 stable
Last Updated August 4, 2016
Downloads 2,486
Compatibility 6.0.0 - 7.9.99
Manual Extension Manual
Dynamic Google Sitemap Dynamic Google Sitemap dynamicgooglesitemap
by Javor Issapov, Patrick Schriner, Kai Ratzeburg
Google Sitemap generator for dynamic pages
Version 0.9.4 beta
Last Updated January 4, 2016
Downloads 1,249
Compatibility N/A
Manual Extension Manual
Golb Golb golb
by Marcel Wieser, Philipp Thiele
Golb - Blog The Page Way
Version 0.0.1 alpha
Last Updated August 12, 2016
Downloads 233
Compatibility 6.2.0 - 6.2.99
xmlProvider xmlProvider srcxmlprovider
by sourcecrew. - Torsten Tiltack & Mihir Bhatt
XML provider for individual pages and fields
Version 1.0.7 alpha
Last Updated August 4, 2014
Downloads 486
Compatibility 6.0.0 - 6.2.99
Manual Extension Manual
by Andreas Kirilow - clickstorm GmbH
Displays a youtube channel on your page
Version 1.0.5 stable
Last Updated May 18, 2016
Downloads 1,484
Compatibility 6.2.6 - 7.6.99
Manual Extension Manual
by Dmitry Dulepov
Provides page browsing services for extensions
Version 1.3.4 stable
Last Updated February 14, 2014
Downloads 21,934
Compatibility 4.5.0 - 6.2.999
Manual Extension Manual
IconFields IconFields alm_iconfields
by Andi Platen
IconFields for page und content.
Version 0.2.0 beta
Last Updated January 8, 2016
Downloads 718
Compatibility 7.6.0 - 7.6.99
Manual Extension Manual
AddCssClass AddCssClass alm_addcssclass
by Andi Platen
Add CSS Classes to pages and content
Version 0.1.0 beta
Last Updated June 24, 2015
Downloads 399
Compatibility 6.2.0 - 6.2.99
Manual Extension Manual
Session Redirect Session Redirect mh_session_redirect
by Marc Hoersken
Redirect page to another location once per session, on first page hit or on every later page hit.
Version 1.0.2 stable
Last Updated May 28, 2016
Downloads 598
Compatibility 4.0.0 - 6.2.99
Manual Extension Manual
A-Z Keyword List A-Z Keyword List mw_keywordlist
by mehrwert
Extracts all keywords from the pages keyword field and displays a list of keywords and links the page title to the keyword related page.
Version 3.5.2 stable
Last Updated April 20, 2016
Downloads 8,783
Compatibility 4.5.0 - 8.0.99
Manual Extension Manual
Tree Copier Tree Copier braintreecopier
by Brain Appeal GmbH
Create copies of a page tree without copying the content elements. Copies all subpages of a given source page to a destination page, sets the copied pages to "show content of {original} page". Source and target page id are configurable in a back-end module.
Version 1.0.3 stable
Last Updated June 17, 2014
Downloads 794
Compatibility 4.5.0 - 6.2.99
Manual Extension Manual
Facebook Page Facebook Page facebookpage
by Aswathy.S
Facebook page extension can be used to embed facebook page to site.Website visitors can Like as well as share the facebook page without leaving the website.
Version 1.0.0 stable
Last Updated November 15, 2016
Downloads 109
Compatibility 6.2.0 - 8.4.99
Manual Extension Manual