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slick carousel slick carousel rzslick
by Raphael Zschorsch
Inserts the slick carousel
Version 0.0.10 alpha
Last Updated May 31, 2017
Downloads 1,871
Compatibility 6.2.0 - 7.6.99
Slick Carousel Slick Carousel slickcarousel
by Boris Schauer, Oliver Oertel
Slick Carousel (Slider) - Responsive, Multiple Items, Center Mode, Lazy Loading, Autoplay, Slider Syncing (Gallery)
Version 2.0.0 stable
Last Updated June 26, 2017
Downloads 3,951
Compatibility 8.6.0 - 8.7.99
by Dirk Wildt (Die Netzmacher)
Slick carousel slider by Ken Wheeler. Fully responsive. Scales with its container. Separate settings per breakpoint. Swipe, desktop mouse dragging, infinite looping among others. Slick is ready-for-use with the organiser, quick-shop and tt_news.
Version 2.5.1 beta
Last Updated April 10, 2017
Downloads 8,834
Compatibility 6.0.0 - 7.6.99
Manual Extension Manual
DRC Slick Carousel DRC Slick Carousel drc_slick_carousel
by DRC Systems India PVT. LTD.
An awesome slick carousel that allows you to add Image, Video, Youtube video and Html as a slide in carousel. Support of responsive design on all devices. Also, lightbox used for images and videos.
Version 1.4.5 beta
Last Updated February 22, 2017
Downloads 1,588
Compatibility 7.6.0 - 7.6.99
Manual Extension Manual
by Kurt Gusbeth
A carousel/gallery/map/list extension that can use the TYPO3 categories and different jQuery-plugins like Slick or Isotope. Bootstrap support. Indexer for ke_search. Many features! Big manual (even in german).
Version 7.1.6 stable
Last Updated August 6, 2017
Downloads 8,991
Compatibility 7.0.0 - 8.7.99
Manual Extension Manual