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multicolumn multicolumn multicolumn
by Nicole Cordes (developed by snowflake productions gmbh)
The Multicolumn extension expands TYPO3 with a new content element called Multicolumn. With the Multicolumn content element it has never been easier to do multicolumn layouts with TYPO3
Version 3.2.2 stable
Last Updated February 6, 2017
Downloads 17,871
Compatibility 7.6.0 - 8.5.99
Manual Extension Manual
Introduction plus Introduction plus introductionplus
by Dirk Wildt (Die Netzmacher)
Features for the official Introduction Package: 15 default bootstrap themes, additional top bar, unlimited menu levels, CSS multicolumn menu, interfaces for language menus among others.
Version 1.2.0 beta
Last Updated August 8, 2014
Downloads 1,593
Compatibility 6.2.0 - 6.2.99
Manual Extension Manual