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LumoNet PHP Include LumoNet PHP Include lumophpinclude
by Thomas Off
Includes local PHP scripts via eval() or external PHP script via HTTP. Provides options to transfer GET and POST variables to the included script and strip header and footer HTML parts.
Version 1.2.2 stable
Last Updated June 26, 2014
Downloads 12,674
Compatibility 4.0.0 - 4.7.99
Manual Extension Manual
tinyMCE tinyMCE tinymce
by Stefan Galinski
TinyMCE sources including a small PHP API
Version 4.4.1 stable
Last Updated July 27, 2016
Downloads 19,667
Compatibility 6.2.0 - 7.6.99
Manual Extension Manual
ADOdb ADOdb adodb
by Friends of TYPO3
This extension just includes a current version of ADOdb, a database abstraction library for PHP, for further use in TYPO3
Version 8.4.0 stable
Last Updated September 1, 2016
Downloads 12,685
Compatibility 8.4.0 - 8.9.99
Manual Extension Manual
by wolo
Chromes Developer tools Console php debug. Short call - just use cp(var);. ChromePHP globally included in TYPO. Respects DevIpMask. Needs Chrome Logger ext for Chrome. @See README for details. @See https://craig.is/writing/chrome-logger
Version 0.2.0 stable
Last Updated December 11, 2016
Downloads 1,457
Compatibility 4.5.0 - 7.6.99
AWS SDK for PHP AWS SDK for PHP aws_sdk_php
by Michael Schams (schams.net)
Amazon Web Services (AWS) SDK for PHP, which enables developers to access almost all AWS services programmatically by API calls. This includes starting/stopping EC2 instances, read/write access to objects in S3, changing DNS records in Route 53, etc.
Version 3.33.3 stable
Last Updated August 19, 2017
Downloads 36,013
Compatibility 7.0.0 - 8.7.99
Manual Extension Manual
SAV Library Mvc SAV Library Mvc sav_library_mvc
by Laurent Foulloy
The SAV Library MVC is a library, based on fluid and extbase for the SAV Library Kickstarter. It is used to create extensions without any PHP coding. Multiple views of the data including forms with Front End editing facilities can be generated.
Version 1.0.1 beta
Last Updated July 5, 2016
Downloads 1,018
Compatibility 6.2.0 - 8.1.99
Manual Extension Manual
PHPUnit PHPUnit phpunit
by Oliver Klee
Unit testing for TYPO3. Includes PHPUnit 4.8, Selenium, a BE test runner module, a CLI test runner, PhpStorm integration and a testing framework.
Version 4.8.35 stable
Last Updated April 20, 2017
Downloads 45,784
Compatibility 6.2.4 - 8.9.99
Manual Extension Manual
T3 jQuery T3 jQuery t3jquery
by Juergen Furrer
Provides a shared version of the jQuery Javascript framework for use in other extensions. See class.tx_t3jquery.php for API and usage. Includes BE module to configure the used parts of jQuery UI, jQuery TOOLS and Bootstrap.
Version 3.0.4 stable
Last Updated August 19, 2016
Downloads 85,882
Compatibility 6.2.0 - 7.99.99
Manual Extension Manual
by Felix Kiesewetter
ATTENTION!!! As of November 2014, Facebook does not allow any more like-enforcing tools such as a fan-gate! Thus, this extension has become deprecated. In the future (as of version 2.0.0) it will only include Facebooks JS and PHP API for you to work with and to help you authenticate your FB apps. Sorry, guys!
Version 1.2.0 stable
Last Updated December 8, 2014
Downloads 2,090
Compatibility 4.3.0 - 6.2.99
SAV Library Plus SAV Library Plus sav_library_plus
by Laurent Foulloy
Used with the SAV Library Kickstarter, it makes it possible to directly build extensions without any PHP coding, thanks to simple configuration parameters using the SAV Library Kickstarter as an extension editor. Multiple views of the data including forms can be generated.
Version 1.0.1 stable
Last Updated July 5, 2016
Downloads 3,466
Compatibility 6.2.0 - 8.1.99
Manual Extension Manual
by Gisele Wendl
news, modify all other pi1-extensions in PHP and implement a new marker or ViewHelper for comments and ratings in LIST-views). Includes full featured AJAX Login and Sign Up, including login
Version 9.2.10 stable
Last Updated April 13, 2017
Downloads 33,659
Compatibility 4.5.0 - 8.9.99
Manual Extension Manual
Organiser Organiser org
by Dirk Wildt (Die Netzmacher)
with TYPO3. Data can managed by frontend users and frontend editing. This feature is based on the Browser - responsive TYPO3 without PHP - and Powermail. The installer enables you to install the Organiser with one mouse click! Sample data is included.
Version 8.0.43 beta
Last Updated July 27, 2017
Downloads 12,819
Compatibility 6.0.0 - 7.6.99
Manual Extension Manual