Manage extension keys

After login you can maintain your extension keys. That includes:

  • Registration of new extension keys.
  • Transfer an extension key to another user.
  • Upload of a new version.
  • Editing information like sponsoring or documentation links.

Please make sure that the extension key you register follows the following rules:

  • Allowed characters are: a-z (lowercase), 0-9 and '_' (underscore)
  • The key must not being with one of the following prefixes: tx,user_,pages,tt_,sys_,ts_language_,csh_
  • Extension keys cannot start or end with 0-9 and '_' (underscore)
  • An extension key must have minimum 3, maximum 30 characters (not counting underscores)
  • Do not use an '_' (underscore) before a number (0-9), e.g. myextension_2015