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If you are organising a user group meeting, a barcamp or an (un)conference. Please let the TYPO3 community know about it and submit your event.

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Official Events

T3BOARD10 – TYPO3 Snowboad Tour 2010

The TYPO3 Snowboard Tour Vol. IX will take place in Laax, Switzerland from 28th of February until 07th of March 2010.

Once a year, the TYPO3 community meets in the Alps for a week of fun in the snow. The difference to the other two T3* events is, that the focus during the Snowboard Tour lies on sports, fun and socializing. But of course, TYPO3 is a big topic. There will be nights of nerding and days of outdoor fun. If you want to catch the spirit of the TYPO3 community, this is the place to go.

The event committee announced the date to be 28th of February until 07th of March 2010 and the location will be, just as last year, Laax / Switzerland.

The registration opens 1st of October 2009 and will be accompanied with more information regarding the event as well as prices.


Mountainhostel Crap Sogn Gion CH-7032 Laax, Crap Sogn Gion , 7032 Laax, Switzerland

Date and Time

February 28, 2010 -
March 07, 2010

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