TYPO3 6.0 Release Notes

by Helmut Hummel, TYPO3 Release Manager 6.0

This is the first release of TYPO3 CMS in the version 6 branch. TYPO3 6.0 sets its focus on being future-proof by significantly modernizing its source code, in some cases completely rewriting sections to bring it up to date.  Therefore TYPO3 is definitely "Back To The Future". You will find the most important features and additions for our favourite CMS below.

For a detailed, technical explanation of what has changed including new settings and descriptions please refer to the Technical Release Notes or the "What's new" slides created by Patrick Lobacher and Michael Schams.

  • File Storage in the Cloud

    With the introduction of the "File Abstraction Layer" (FAL) TYPO3 can now use files which are not only stored on a local webserver, but also located in cloud storage.

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  • Higher code-quality with Quality Assurance Guidelines

    TYPO3 6.0 enhanced its code-quality by establishing new quality assurance guidelines. TYPO3 6.0 is the first TYPO3 version which is constantly tested during develpoment with over 5.000 unit tests.

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  • Namespaces

    The introduction of namespaces in TYPO3 6.0 laid the foundation for development according to modern standards.

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File Abstraction Layer (FAL): File references and cloud storage

Editing Images
Editing an Image

TYPO3 Ready for Cloud Storage

With the introduction of the new "File Abstraction Layer" TYPO3 6.0 can store and use files not only from a local webserver, but also from additional locations e.g. from cloud storage. With TYPO3 6.0 you will be able to connect your TYPO3 installation with additional drivers to filemounts like WebDAV, Amazon S3 or services like DropBox.

File References and Meta-Information

Through the "File Abstraction Layer" files that are used several times on a website are no longer repeatedly copied but are now only referenced. At the same time files can be provided with any meta-information you need. These meta-data entries are managed centrally and are therefore available at all locations where a file is used. Overall, not only the handling for editors is much easier but the use of modern cloud storage becomes possible for all users.

File Collections

File collections for "File Abstraction Layer" can be used to group files by manual selection via editors, or by selecting folders from storage mounts. After defining a new file collection it can be used for further needs e.g. for the content object "File Links".
All these changes lead to significant improvements for editors when dealing with all kind of files.

Higher code-quality with Quality Assurance Guidelines

Travis Ci Build
Travis Ci Build

One main focus of TYPO3 6.0 was on increasing the code quality and introducing new quality assurance services . The code of TYPO3 6.0 has been extensively rewritten and cleaned up. In many places code has been simplified and made more robust, or just replaced with a modern code base. 

5,000 Automated Unit Tests

TYPO3 version 6.0 is the first one tested with over 5,000 automated tests. Unit tests are a way to detect design flaws or hidden bugs in existing or newly introduced code. Additionally new code only gets integrated in the TYPO3 core if a series of code-style tests are completed successfully, ensuring consistency in the codebase. For that we run our own Jenkins CI service and use the services of Travis CI.

With these new mechanisms in place TYPO3 CMS can continue to enhance its code quality and in future and will allow new contributors to safely integrate their code.


With the introduction of namespaces to TYPO3 6.0 we laid the foundation for the development in line with modern standards. The existing code has been refactored and adapted according to PHP 5.3 namespaces. This leads to a greatly improved structure for all core classes, by at the same time keeping full backwards compatibility for third party extensions. With that the code base is now much closer to TYPO3 Flow and TYPO3 Neos, which eases the transition between these products.

Extension Manager - Significantly streamlined

TYPO3 6.0 Extension Manager
TYPO3 6.0 Extension Manager

The TYPO3 6.0 Extension Manager was (re)written from scratch and significantly streamlined taking it back to basics. The new Extension Manager now uses Extbase and focuses on the integration and management of extensions in the TYPO3 installation. The language handling feature moved to a new language module. Now extensions, even with dependencies, can be downloaded and installed with a single click.

Further Changes in TYPO3 6.0

LocalConfiguration.php replaces localconf.php

With the release of TYPO3 6.0 the new global configuration file "LocalConfiguration.php" replaces the former "localconf.php". The new configuration file now can only include a configuration array and no PHP code any more, for better separation of concerns.


Removed XCLASS support

With TYPO3 6.0 the old way of registering XCLASSes removed in favor of class implementation registry. Own implementations of classes must now be registered by defining them in the configuration. This change is in line with the way the object manager works in TYPO3 Flow and also one small step to bring these products closer together.

TYPO3 Backend Improvements

  • Drag & Drop
    Content Elements can now be moved by using drag & drop in the Page Module of the TYPO3 6.0 Backend.

  • Improved Documentation Headers
    The documentation header usability was improved by switching the first two rows in all backend modules. The first row now holds the context sensitive help and fuctions. The second row now holds buttons like save, close, create shortcut, etc.

  • Improved Content Element Rendering in Page Module
    Additional details such as start, stop times or access settings are placed in the footer of content elements. Further details like the sort button, the language icon or the content type icons were relocated to enhance the usability of the TYPO3 backend.

  • Improved Content Element "Insert Records"
    The Content Element "Insert Records" can now be selected while creating a new Content Element. The Page module shows the referenced Content Element in the TYPO3 Backend.

  • Improved Language and Translations Handling
    The language handling that was separated out from the Extension Manager is now available as a new Admin Tool.

  • Backend User Administration
    The Backend User Administration was completely rewritten and is now using Extbase. Administrators can now use search, filter and pagination for the management of Backend Users. Additionally "Online Users" can be listed as active sessions. Sessions can be ended by clicking on the "End session" icon.

  • Many additional visual improvements and streamlining of the backend user interface

Thank You

We the release team (Helmut Hummel, Christian Kuhn, Susanne Moog) would like to say thank you for everybody who made TYPO3 6.0 possible. Without the support from our families, sponsors, TYPO3 teams and of course many new and old contributors we could not have achieved to bring such a great milestone release to you.

Special thanks goes to Kasper Skårhøj for creating such a great product, sharing it with the world and bringing so many wonderful people together.