Let´s get started with TYPO3

Getting Started Guide

We´ve created this overview with the sections Install & Update, Backend, Templating & Configuration, Edit/Add content, Extensions, Advanced, Solutions, FAQ to provide you an easy guide into the different TYPO3 topics. All the links will redirect you to official TYPO3 pages like TYPO3 Wiki or the TYPO3 docs, as well as to some external resources (HTML, CSS, deployment, etc.).

This is a "living" getting started guide, so please feel free to give us feedback or provide more links to missing topics via mail or twitter.

Here you can find the Getting Started Tutorial for TYPO3 7 LTS.

Icon credits

1. Package Success by Johannes Mutter from the Noun Project / 3. Web Structure by Creative Stall from the Noun Project / 4. edit by Garrett Knoll from the Noun Project / 5. Puzzle Piece by Guilherme Simoes from the Noun Project / 6. rocketship by Arthur Shlain from the Noun Project / 7. snap by Adèle Foucart from the Noun Project / 8. Question by David K Lee from the Noun Project