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The Fundraising Project

At the 2009 General Assembly in Zurich, Switzerland the decision was made to start a project that had been in the pipeline for some time: Professional fundraising for TYPO3. 

It was the plan to hire a full-time fundraiser for this who will required a startup investment of 30,000 EUR, after which he/she relied 100% on provisions from the funds raised. In order to come up with this investment we appealed to all who benefit from TYPO3 to help us raise this initial amount. 

There were two options to support this project. A one-time donation to the Association labelled "Fundraising Project", or a credit agreement in which you could commit to giving a credit to the project to be returned to the creditor upon success of the project. Companies who gave at least a 1/10 portion of this initial investment received mention on this site along with their logo and link being mentioned in all related press articles.

Commited donors for the initial budget:

5,000.00 EUR Donation

AlterNET Internet BV
3,000.00 EUR Credit

Acqal Corporation
500.00 EUR Donation

d.k.d Internet Service GmbH
2,000.00 EUR Credit

5,000.00 EUR Donation

2,000.00 EUR Donation / 2,000.00 EUR Credit

1,000.00 EUR Donation / 2,000.00 EUR Credit

expeer GmbH
1,000.00 EUR Donation
3,000.00 EUR Donation

1,000.00 EUR Donation

TYPO3 Macher
1,000.00 EUR Donation / 2,000.00 EUR Credit

Die Medienagenten
500.00 EUR Donation