Inline Relational Record Editing (IRRE)

April 27, 2007

Author: Oliver Hader

TYPO3 4.0.x offered solutions for semi-complex data structures but with a negative impact concerning usability. Inline Relational Record Editing bridges the gap between the repetitive elements capabilities of FlexForms and the old field type of TCEforms implementing relations. This is generally achieved by saving information in nice separated database records with 1:n or m:n relationships what FlexForms stored in just one big XML string. Thus it improves usability, extensibility, performance and consistency of information.

The functionality of Inline Relational Record Editing is shown in this diploma thesis using a case-study of a travel business which provides bookings for many hotels. A hotel consists of different offers, such as a "wellness special" or "relax weekend". Additionally every single one of these offers can vary in price depending on the season customers chooses to book. Finally this results in a structure spanning three levels, beginning with one hotel as parent, many offers as first generation and also many prices as second generation.

Inline Relational Record Editing is part of the TYPO3 Core since version 4.1.

The project is coordinated by Oliver Hader: oliver(at)

Download Oliver's diploma thesis: