TYPO3 Usergruppe Münster

This german speaking TYPO3 usergroup is meeting on a very (!) regular basis since 2007. The date is fixed: It's always the second Monday of the month, 19.30 - 22.00 (or longer ). Everybody with interest in TYPO3 and web development is welcome. Skills range from absolute beginner to expert. We appreciate beginners very much. We usually meet in the nice rooms of the Wunderkammer. Each meeting is different, depending very much on who is around. Usually we share, show and discuss very much - not only about TYPO3. And it always pays out in one way or the other. Maybe you bring some sweets or peanuts?

Our website typo3ugms has lost much of its importance but may still be useful.

You are invited to join our mailing list. That's where our "official" communication takes places and each and every thought is archived for eternity. Or find those messages in the forum.

Contact: martin.bless(at)typo3.org