Accessibility Initiative

The focus of the Accessibility Initiative is improving the accessibility in TYPO3. We share our accessibility expertise and are looking for supporters of an accessible TYPO3. Feel free to get in contact.

We will also promote this in the community to boost accessibility long term. We want to establish coding standards to ensure improvement of accessibility.


Accessibility is an essential part of an inclusive user experience. Improving accessibility by removing barriers will also simplify the usage of TYPO3.

There are three parts we need to have in mind:

  1. Deliver an accessible website (frontend rendering)
  2. Support the editors in creating accessible content
  3. Provide an accessible user interface for authoring the content

Delivering an accessible website is already possible with TYPO3. We want to improve and update the default rendering. Our main focus is to improve the parts “editor support” and “accessible authoring tools”. To support editors, information on accessibility issues should be given on editing elements (e.g. missing alternative texts for images and information on how an alternative text should look like). Editors need to be aware of accessibility and are currently not guided in creating accessible websites. The user interface of the authoring tool (TYPO3 backend) is not accessible. A first focus can be set on keyboard interaction, but the design (e.g. contrasts) and consistent usage of interactive elements (e.g. checkbox vs. toggle vs. radiobutton) needs to be in focus, too.


  • Provide information on accessibility and give opportunities to discuss on accessibility topics on a regular basis (Slack channel & TYPO3 Accessibility Hour)
  • Raise awareness for accessibility in the TYPO3 core team and the community
  • Implement accessibility guidance tools (notices for editors on creating accessibility issues)
  • Improve the accessibility of the TYPO3 backend and implement processes to support continuous improvement of the backend accessibility
  • Establish coding standards to ensure improvement of the accessibility

Next events

The TYPO3 Accessibility Hour is a monthly call in the slack channel #cig-accessibility. It is open for everyone interested in TYPO3 and Accessibility. We are looking forward to discuss questions regarding accessibility of and in TYPO3 and plan the activities of the TYPO3 Accessibility Initiative.

The accessilibilty sprint is planned as a remote sprint during October 21st and October 23rd 2020, more information will follow.


Reached Milestones

  • Establish a TYPO3 Accessibility Hour
  • Participating in the T3INIT19 to promote the initiative and start improving the accessibility of the TYPO3 backend


  • Participating in events like barcamps and meetups to promote the initiative in the community
  • Talk to core members on this topic and get their support of the goals of the initiative


  • Add tools to check the accessibility of editor content
  • Improve the TYPO3 backend, make it accessible for keyboard usage.

Current Status

We already have had some accessibility hours and are looking for more to come.


Keeping TYPO3 accessible will be an ongoing process, as will be raising awareness. We will help the TYPO3 contributors and core team to keep TYPO3 accessible.


For this initiative the TYPO3 core and core extensions are in scope. We will raise awareness and provide information on accessibility, we will not focus on websites (e.g. TYPO3 inc), packages (e.g. Bootstrap package) or tools (e.g. Forge) within the TYPO3 universe.

Get involved!


Michael Telgkamp
Lead, Development

Elisabeth Zeilinger

Torben Hansen

Stefan Farnetani
Accessibility expert

András Ottó