A new Admin Panel for TYPO3


The goal of this initiative is to refactor the Admin Panel, add a new API, re-design it and add new functionality.


The Admin Panel implementation is very old and there is currently no API to extend the functionality (aside from a hook to add content). As programming paradigmns and possibilities changed quite a bit during the last twenty years, it's time to refactor the implementation and modernize the architecture.


  • Refactor current implementation and extract code from main AdminPanelView class
  • Have a dedicated system extension for the admin panel
  • Have a stable API for extending the admin panel
  • The Admin Panel has been redesigned with the general backend CI in mind.
  • Database Query information is displayed in an Admin Panel Module
  • Log Messages can be shown via the Admin Panel
  • ... tbd


  • Extract AdminPanelView modules to one class per module with interface and API to register own modules (#84045)
  • Extract module specific code lines from general code (interface expansion might be necessary)
  • Move AdminPanel to own system extension and let the modules be registered by the corresponding core extensions (f.e. fe_edit)
  • Remove access to globals and use PSR-7 request object instead (introduce AdminPanel PSR-15 middleware) [interface expansion with $request might be necessary]
  • Remove configuration via $_GET params (google the admin panel get vars and you'll see one of the reasons)
  • Render modules via fluid standalone
  • Render outer panel via fluid standalone
  • Re-Design the panel
  • Add functionality (tbd)
Image about timing (calendar)


Target version for the this initiative is v9 LTS.


Scope of this initiative is the area Admin Panel, this excludes side-topics like Logging or Frontend Editing.

Current Status

Epic-Link: https://forge.typo3.org/issues/84044 (note that only the tickets currently in progress or done are listed here)

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Susanne Moog (Lead)

Tobias Kretschmann

Jörg Bösche

Steffen Frese

Jan Stockfisch

Frank Nägler